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STIPA is the most advanced speech intelligibility process available. It is rapidly being accepted by and required by fire codes in the United States and other countries.

Now, you can have STIPA testing on your iOS device. Our version is fully compliant with v4 of the standard (the most recent one).

New! Now STIPA Pro allows you to add a recording of occupational noise in the room to a running test. See our full user manual for more information.

With STIPA Pro, you get both the single-number value as required by codes, and the octave-band values. You can also view all of the detail on another screen, save and recall results, and email detailed results from the app.

Or, for a more affordable STIPA measurement that still meets all of the requirements of the specification, download our STIPA Basic module. Purchasers of STIPA Pro also automatically get access to STIPA Basic.

For more detailed operational and thery information see our complete STIPA Pro User Manual page.

Available in AudioTools on the App Store

The test signal is supplied, and is available for download from this web site. You can burn it to a CD, or copy it to any audio player.

When you first access a STIPA test signal from the app, the audio file will be downloaded. Or, you install them all directly using iTunes.

Click here for the test signal direct download (right-click or control-click after it opens).

Also, you can download our STIPA Compliance Study, which documents how our STIPA module meets IEC 60268-16:2011.

We also plan to provide a free app that may be used as a test signal player.

Now available in AudioTools.

See our STIPA demo videos