remote control generator


Remote ContrOlled Signal Generator

You can control another iOS device running our standalone Generator app from within AudioTools. Just make sure both devices are on the same WiFi network, and go to the WiFi Connect page on both apps.

First, download Generator from the App Store. Start the Generator app on the second iOS device. Tap the WiFi symbol to open the connection page.

Next, back in the AudioTools app on the first iOS device, open the Utilities->Generator page, and tap the WiFI symbol on that page. You should see the other iOS device listed in the table. Select the second iOS device, and you will be linked.

Now, when you access the built-in AudioTools generator from any module in AudioTools, the control commands will be sent to the connected iOS device running Generator instantly.

Generate pink noise, run sweeps, trigger ETC, generate speaker distortion or polarity signals, or play the STIPA test signal.

Requires a separate purchase of our Generator app, and a WiFi network.