Audio Output

You can get audio out of most iOS devices just by making a cable and plugging it into the iOS device headset jack.

The first trick is that the cable has to be an 1/8″ 3-conductor plug. If it is a 4-conductor plug, the iOS device will switch its input to the headset jack, since it is sensing a microphone being plugged in.

You can make a number of different cables, including a stereo output cable, for example to have right and left RCA plugs, and you can also make a balanced cable, by connecting the tip of the 1/8″ plug to the balanced +, and the ring to the balanced connector -. Just make sure you set the generator in AudioTools to match the type of cable you are using.

The second trick is that you have to plug this cable into the headset jack after connecting iTestMic. iOS has a rule that “the last one connected wins”, so you have to plug this in last to grab the output audio away from the digital audio going to iTestMic.