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iAudioInterface2 is priced at $499.99. Distributors are free to set their own prices, which may vary due to currency exchange rates, local import duties, taxes and shipping costs.


AudioControl has several measurement mics that work well with iAudioInterface2, see this link for information about these microphones. In other countries, check with your local distributor.

Shipping Date

Now shipping from stock. 

USA: Available

Canada: Available

Australia: Available

Northern European: Available

To place an order, go to our distribution page, and locate your local distributor.

International Orders

We have begun to set up our international distributors, check to see if your country has local distribution. If your country is not yet covered, AudioControl is set up to ship to any other country, by several different methods.

**Note that the original iAudioInterface mic will not work with iAudioInterface2, since the new interface requires a balanced XLR phantom power mic, and the older mic is 1/4" single-ended not phantom-powered.