stipa basic




STIPA is the most advanced speech intelligibility process available. It is rapidly being accepted by and required by fire codes in the United States and other countries.

Now, you can have STIPA on your iOS device at a very affordable price, $49.99 in the US iTunes App Store. Our version is fully compliant with v4 of the standard (the most recent one), and as such is fully suitable for use in NFPA Fire Code testing. Note that purchasers of STIPA Pro also automatically get access to the STIPA Basic module.

Or, for more advanced STIPA features, including Save / Recall, results export, multiple test averaging, and more, download our STIPA Pro module.

Available in AudioTools on the App Store

You can upgrade to the full STIPA Pro module at any time, just by paying the difference in the module prices. The upgrade button appears on the STIPA Basic Setup screen.

STIPA Basic works well with the built-in iOS device microphone, such as the iPhone mic, as long as the mic has not been damaged in some way. For NFP Fire Code work, we recommend using iAudioInterface2, or another test & measurement dock mic, to make sure that you are getting accurate results.

The test signal is supplied, and is available for download from this web site. You can burn it to a CD, or copy it to any audio player.

When you first access a STIPA test signal from the app, the audio file will be downloaded. Or, you install them all directly using iTunes.

Click here for the test signal.

Also, you can download our STIPA Compliance Study, which documents how our STIPA module meets IEC 60268-16:2011.