save to photos

SavIng Images to Photo Roll

AudioTools supports saving graphs to the iOS device photo roll. Look for the camera shutter icon, which appears on all pages that support the save to photo roll function.

The image will be saved minus all of the controls, to provide you with a clean image for adding to a report. After you tap the button and save the image, check your photo roll for the saved graphs.

Naming Images

You can name the images before you save them, to identify them later. To do this, before tapping the camera shutter icon, tap the Save / Recall icon, and enter a name in the file name text field. Then tap Done on the keyboard to dismiss the keyboard, and tap Done once more on the prompt message box that appears. This will return you to the app, and the name will be showing on the screen.

You can also actually save the graph, or recall a previously stored graph, and in that case also the name will appear on the graph.

Saving the Complete Screen Image

At any time, you can capture an exact image of the entire screen, by holding the Home and Power buttons on your iOS device. This is a function of iOS, and is available in all apps.