The AudioTools Platform


The AudioTOols Platform

Intuitive — Accurate — Affordable

AudioTools is the heart of the most comprehensive audio and acoustics test & measurement platform available today.

With AudioTools, you can perform quick ad hoc measurements using only the iPhone in your pocket, or you can plug a Type 1 microphone into iAudioInterface2 for a full-featured professional test & measurement platform that meets ANSI and ISO specifications.

Why iOS?

AudioTools takes full advantage of everything that the iOS device offers, including color retina graphics, touch display, GPS system, WiFi and cellular data network, and device interchangeability. Also, your software investment moves to all of your iOS devices, now and in the future, for free.


These features make the AudioTools family of products the leading test & measurement platform:

  • Largest variety of powerful, comprehensive tests
  • Most cost effective
  • Easiest and most intuitive to operate
  • Export data automatically
  • Meets ANSI and ISO Type 1 and Class 1 requirements (with suitable audio hardware)
  • Rich set of tools and utilities developed over five years provide features for every application

Here are the components that make the AudioTools platform:


AudioTools is the professional audio test & measurement app that gives you a comprehensive set of tools on your iOS mobile device. Perfect for A/V techs, FOH, recording engineers, acousticians, home theater installers, and anyone who loves pro audio.

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Use AudioTools for:

  • Sound System Setup & Verification
  • SPL Monitoring in Clubs and Churches
  • Speaker Polarity Testing
  • Room Reverberation Tests
  • Help with Sound System Design
  • Equipment Testing

Upgrade AudioTools with iAudioInterface2, or iTestMic, to complete your mobile professional audio test & measurement system.


The professional audio interface for iOS made for AudioTools.

Phantom powered mic input, balanced line input and output, digital audio output, internal battery, and iOS device charging.  NOW SHIPPING!

Order here. 


iTestMic2 USB-C


iTestMic2 USB-C is our newest iOS audio accessory. We also still make the Lightning version. Plug it into your iPhone or iPad to get a mobile professional test & measurement system. $229.

Use it for home theater setup, live sound, SPL testing, or sound contracting work.