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Studio Six Digital

Studio Six Digital creates advanced audio test and measurement systems based on the iOS, iPadOS and MacOS platforms. Some of the applications include live sound monitoring, sound system setup and EQ, home theater calibration, community noise, house of worship, and education.

Latest News

Apple has just released an adapter that allows Lightning accessories such as iTestMic2 or iPrecisionMic to work with USB-C equipped iPads and iPhones. 

All audio hardware is now being sold directly by Studio Six Digital.

New! iAudioInterface2 control panels are now available for Mac and Windows!

iOS, ipados and macos App


AudioTools is the professional audio test & measurement app that gives you a comprehensive set of tools on your iOS mobile device. Perfect for A/V techs, FOH, recording engineers, acousticians, home theater installers, and anyone who loves pro audio. 

Upgrade AudioTools with iAudioInterface2,  iTestMic2, or uPrecisionMic to complete your mobile professional audio test & measurement system.

New Demo Videos

Todd Urban with Urban Sound has done a nice review of iTestMic2 and AudioTools, and a demo of LARSA in the studio.

What’s New


Studio Six Digital has partnered with the Home Audio Alliance (HAA) to bring comprehensive professional home theater audio calibration to AudioTools. Available on iPad and Mac versions of AudioTools, the HAA modules provide integration of many of AudioTools modules, like FFT, RTA, and LARSA, with a number of newly designed tools for things like loudspeaker, subwoofer, and screen placement, room mode visualization, reporting, and much more.

ATMOS Signal Generator for Apple TV

Download this app to your Apple TV, and use it to generate test signals for use with AudioTools. Now available on the Apple TV App Store.

Now with direct integration to the HAA tools!

New! Upgrade Calculator

Due to requests from our many long-term customers, we have added a new path to the Unlock Everything upgrade.

The Upgrade Calculator will inspect the app for already installed in-app purchases, and pro-rate the full upgrade cost taking into account apps that you already have bought. This gives you all of the benefits as the Unlock Everything option.

Note that depending on your previous purchase history, you may be presented with a one-time discount that is valid for 24 hours. Note that if you do not use it within that time period, the discount will expire and not appear again.

To find the Upgrade Calculator, just navigate to Support & Upgrades-> Upgrade Calculator.

iTestMic2 USB-C brings professional audio measurement to the new Apple devices with USB-C ports. It also works with other devices, like laptops, and has an audio output jack for sending test signals out.

iTestMic2 is the most affordable way to have a calibrated SPL Meter, RTA, FFT analyzer and more. Plug it into your new iPhone, iPad, or computer to get a mobile professional test & measurement system. $229.

Includes an analog output and iOS device charging. Use it for home theater setup, live sound, SPL testing, or sound contracting work.

Order iTestMic2 here.

AudioTools User Guide

Download our new AudioTools User Guide here for a comprehensive overview of AudioTools.

iAudioInterface2 Lightning/USB-C now shipping.

iAudioInterface2 and included iOS Lightning and USB Audio interconnect cables.

The professional audio interface for iOS devices made to work with for AudioTools.

Phantom powered mic input, balanced line input and output, digital audio output, internal battery, and iOS device charging.

uPrecisionMic is the perfect addition to your AudioTools setup to get the most accurate and lowest-noise measurements.

Plug it directly into your USB-C equipped iOS device, or using the Apple Connection Kit for Lightning devices, start AudioTools and instantly you can have a Type 1 certified sound level meter and analyzer.

Perfect for noise monitoring and surveys, critical acoustical analysis work, and any time that a high-quality precision professional microphone is required.

Available both with and without a Type 1 Calibration Certificate, starting at $1099. NOW SHIPPING

AudioTools Featured in Apple iPad Video

iPad Business Profile for Theater Consultants Collaborative


USB-C Cable for iAudioInterface

Now available for connection to iPads with USB-C ports.

AudioTools Now On Mac

AudioTools now runs on all MacBook, iMac, and Mac Mini that are equipped with an M1 or M2 chip. Good news, your in-app purchases transfer at no cost. Just search in the App Store on your Mac for "AudioTools"


Now you can try a module for 7 days for free, and if it meets your needs purchase it at that time. Trial periods apply to all in-app purchases, with the exception of the "Unlock All Modules" upgrade. Worry-free, these do not automatically convert to purchases.

Smaart® Tools

Check out Smaart Tools Spectrum Analyzer running on iPhone or iPad. Developed in collaboration with Rational Acoustics, it faithfully recreates the Smart RTA and Spectrograph on a mobile platform.