Audiotools modules


See why AudioTools is the #1 audio and acoustic test & measurement platform in use by audio professionals around the world.  Also see our Tools and Utilities pages for all of the great helpers, add-ons, and built-in powerful features that are available on the AudioTools platform.

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SPL Modules

Measure SPL using a variety of ANSI and ISO Type 1 meters. Includes options for SPL Octave and 1/3 octave band logging, recording SPL level and sound, and emailing results automatically.

Acoustic Analysis Modules

Includes an ANSI Class 1 Filter RTA, a flexible FFT, easy to use ETC, powerful swept-sine Impulse Response with 3D plots, Smaart® Spectrum RTA with Spectrograph, and our own Transfer Function that will even compute sample-accurate delay with the iOS built-in mic.

Speaker Test Modules

Speaker Polarity, Speaker Distortion test, Impedance Test*, Impedance Sweep*, Delay Finder, STIPA Basic and STIPA Professional.


Line Input Test Modules

Level Meter* / Frequency Counter, dual-trace Audio Scope, VU Meter, THD+n Test*, Amplitude Sweep, and Phase Meter.


Design Tools

Amplifier Specification Tool, Wire Gage Tool, Microphone Design Tools, Room Treatment analysis.


Signal Generator, 5.1 / 6.1 Surround Signal Generator*, Microphone Monitor, Audio Calculators, Stereo Recorder, and Files Utility.

Support and Settings Modules

Calibration for all inputs and outputs, Video Center, FAQs, AudioTools Store for in-app purchases, and Email Support.

* These modules require our accessory, iAudioInterface2 for full functionality