\iaudiointerface2 for recording


Using for Recording

iAudioInterface2 was designed as both an audio and acoustics test and measurement accessory, but it may also by used for recording. For multi-track recording we recommend MultiTrack, a 16-track recorder which allows you to select either the line input, microphone, or both channels of iAudioInterface for2 any track. 

For stereo recording, AudioTools works well as a basic stereo recorder, or any of the iOS recorder apps, like Bias Peak, will give you good results. You can also use Apple’s Garageband with excellent results.

Check with the developer to see if their recording app supports stereo dock-input accessories.

Since iAudioInterface2 can switch from balanced line input / microphone mode to stereo line input mode, you have the versatility to use it the way that works best for you. See our technical details page for more information.

In mic / line mode, using the XLR phantom-powered mic input, you can use any studio mic for recording. Also, you can plug a guitar directly into the line input, or use pedals or effects boxes. Both the microphone, which shows up as the left iPod touch channel, and the balanced line input, which shows up as the right channel, are active at the same time.

When the line input is switched to stereo mode, iAudioInterface2 acts as a general-purpose stereo line input device. You can select any of the three input gain ranges. 

iAudioInterface2 provides you with a high-quality, low-distortion line input, flat +/-0.25 dB from 20-20kHz, for your iOS device. See our specifications page for more information.

Because the input connector is a TRS (stereo) 1/4″ jack, you will need to adapt this to any unbalanced connector or connectors. For example, you can use a 1/4″ stereo to two 1/4″ mono connectors, or use a standard 1/4″ stereo to RCA jack adapter.