Itestmic Or Iaudiointerface

iTestMic2 or iAudioInterface2?

Studio Six Digital has two great options for flat, calibrated audio input, iTestMic and iAudioInterface2. This page will compare the features to help you decide which you should order.

Features in Common

  • Bypass Apple analog electronics 
  • Analog-Digital Converters onboard
  • Digital Audio Link to iOS device
  • Compatible with AudioTools
  • Provide excellent SPL testing and frequency analysis

Features Only in iAudioInterface2

  • Line Input
  • Phantom-Powered microphone preamp with 10 fixed gain stages
  • Digital Audio Toslink output
  • Built-in rechargeable li-ion battery
  • Can charge attached iOS device

What iTestMic2 Won’t Do

  • Line Level testing
  • Provide a line input for Transfer Function, although the internal pink noise generator may be used as the reference signal
  • Generate 5.1 / 6.1 test signals

What Only iTestMic2 Will Do

  • Plug into any Lightning-connector equipped iOS device, and provide an auto-calibrated test & measurement system.
  • Operate on built-in iOS device power