We are available for work on iPhone apps, audio DSP software, Mac OS X projects, acoustical consutlting and training, and iPhone / iPod accessories.


Andrew Smith

Andrew has over 30 years experience in consulting and software design and development. He has also founded several companies, including TerraSonde, which invented and manufactured the Audio Toolbox, an award-winning multi-function audio test device, Uptown Automation, which created a moving-fader recording console automation system, and Colorado Sound Recording Studios. 

Andrew’s software experience encompasses C++ on Mac and PC, as well as embedded code on DSP. Currently, he spends his times as an iPhone app developer, and has a variety of apps for sale on the iTunes app store. 

In addition, Andrew has experience as a musician, recording engineer, and film sound engineer. He maintains a home-based recording studio, where the sound effects and music for iPhone apps are created.

Daniel Valente

Dan holds a PhD from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in architectural sciences. He is the designer of the Impulse Response module, and is in collaboration with us on several other modules in development. Daniel is also an active triathelete, photographer, and writer of several blogs. He is currently working in hearing research in children.


Software Development

Our software development skills include C, C++, ObjC, and several other variants. We have experience on several DSP platforms, including Analog Devices Shark and Blackfin and TI. We are now concentrating on the iPhone platform, and have experience in nearly every set of APIs in the iPhone SDK. Just check out our apps to see where some of experitise is in this area.

We also have a virtual server setup, and are working to integrate server connectivity into many of our apps.

Graphic Design

Our graphic design expertise is centered around Photoshop, as it applies to the iPhone environment. We also have experience in other areas of graphics.

iPhone/iPod Product Development

We have several products in development and plans for more in the works.

Clients & Projects

Here is a partial client and project list:

iPhone Apps

All of the Studio Six iPhone apps were completely developed in-house, including all software, graphics design, and sound design and editing.

Grace Design 

Makers of high-end professional audio gear, including microphone preamps, headphone amps, and other equipment for recording studios. We have done several projects for them, and are currently working on a new DSP-based project to be released in 2009.

Ayre Acoustics

Ayre builds audiophile audio equipment, including CD players, amplifiers, and preamplifiers. We did the firmware for the new version of their CX7 CD player.


Sencore took over the manufacture and sales of the Audio Toolbox, now sold as the SoundPro. Studio Six did and continues to do all R&D for this product line.

Resolution (film)

Studio Six did all of the sound design, editing, and mixing, and a portion of the music, for the independent Czech-US film “Resolution”.