Acoustic Analysis Modules

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RTA -- Octave and 1/3 octave spectral analysis.

Includes cursor readout of dB bands, max & min lines, noise curve overlays, pink noise generator, and optional STC Transmission Loss ($9.99). 

Meets all ANSI and ISO Class 1 standards for filter-based RTA measurements. Built-in NC readout. Includes support for the optional Reference Curves feature.

Included free in the AudioTools app.

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FFT -- Fast Fourier Transform analysis for extremely detailed acoustics work. Two ranges, 20-20kHz, and 5Hz - 3100Hz.

Up to 32k FFT, smoothing, decay, peak frequency tracking, overlays. Includes support for the optional Reference Curves feature.

Included free in the AudioTools app.


ETC -- Energy Time Curve. Plots the decay of an impulse over time. Also computes RT60 from the curve. A, C, and octave band filters are available. Speaker delay may also be measured.

See our new demo video of this module.

Available as an in-app purchase in AudioTools for $9.99.

Impulse Response -- Record an Impulse Response audio file, and then analyze the IR for commonly used metrics. Both the data and IR can be uploaded to a PC or Mac. Demo videos are available. Measure 1/3 octave RT60, clarity, definition, EDT. Includes 3D Waterfall plots and windowing for loudspeaker analysis. Split screen mode on iPad.

Available as an in-app purchase in AudioTools for $59.99.

SmaartŪ Tools I -- Single-channel spectrum measurements ported from Rational Acoustics Smaart 7. Now you can have the power of the most popular acoustical analysis software on the iPhone / iPad platform.

Includes octave to 1/48th octave spectrum line and bar plots, and the spectrograph. Split graphs on iPad.

Available as an in-app purchase in AudioTools for $49.99.


Transfer Function -- A true two-channel transfer function, complete with magnitude, phase, and coherence plots, coherence masking, and a sample-accurate impulse response-based delay finder.

Requires a two-channel audio interface for full use, such as iAudioInterface2, but also works with the internal iOS device mic for analysis using the built-in pink noise generator.

Available as an in-app purchase in AudioTools for $79.99.

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LARSA - Loudspeaker And Room System Analysis

LARSA is a powerful yet simple to use loudspeaker performance analyzer. Using a quick swept-sine wave signal, it computes the magnitude response of the system. Take multiple measurements quickly and average them, to balance out room modes. EQ your system for optimum response.

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Spectral Balance

Spectral Balance is a tool that evaluates the performance of a sound system according the joint InfoComm - Audio Engineering Society Spectral Balance specification. It uses the results obtained in other modules in AudioTools, such as RTA, SPL Graph, and LARSA, and plots them against the allowed limits of the specifications.

Available as an in-app purchase in AudioTools for $19.99.