iaudiointerface2 rebuild


Lightning Rebuild Program

The iAudioInterface2 units being shipped today include an iOS Lightning cable and a USB cable. Using the USB cable, you can use your iAudioInterface2 as a Mac and PC audio interface. If you have a recent iAudioInterface2 model with a serial number beginning with “CB” that includes the 30-pin detachable cable shown here, your unit can be remanufactured to work with the new iOS Lightning cable and USB cable. If your iAudioInterface2 has an attached 30-pin cable, it cannot be rebuilt.

IMG 1099


Here is the work that will be done when your unit is rebuilt:

Add New Lightning Cable

Works with all current Apple Lightning-equipped devices.

Add USB Cable

Works with Mac, PC, and even some Android platforms (requires Android app support).

Change serial number

We are actually re-manufacturing your iAudioInterface2, and thus it will receive a new serial number.

Add 24-bit support

iAudioInterface2 now fully supports 24-bit audio up to 48kHz.

Test Unit

The full factory test will be done and if any issues are found you will be notified.

How to Get Your Rebuild

1) Check that your serial number begins with “CB”.

2) Contact us to obtain an RMA for this work.

3) Pack up your iAudioInterface2, including all cables and power supplies.

4) Ship the unit to AudioControl with the RMA number on the outside of the package. The unit will be remanufactured and returned to you with the new cables.


Cost for the rebuild is $99 USD, plus shipping charges back to you.