Audio Hardware


Audio Hardware Options

There are many options for getting audio into and out of an iOS device. Click on the images for more information about each.

Internal Device Mic – We test and calibrate all iOS devices and maintain a database that is used to provide very good SPL and frequency compensation.

Third-Party Audio Devices – Any device which can provide audio to iOS / iPadOS / MacOS will work with AudioTools. These devices can be calibrated, with the proper equipment.

iTestMic2 – Lightning or USB C calibrated microphone, suitable for contracting, noise studies, and system calibration.

iPrecisionMic – Lighting or USB C Class One calibrated microphone, designed as part of a precision sound analysis system

iAudioInterface2 – Two-channel professional audio interface, includes XLR mic input, 1/4″ line input and output, internal battery power, and digital audio output. Includes cables for Lightning and USB C.