audiotools release notes



WHat’s New

What’s New for the Studio Six Digital App Suite 

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AudioTools 16.3

-Added Microphone Multiplexor

-Improved calibration file loading

-Added new iPads to calibration database

AudioTools 16.2

-Bug fixes

-Added discount option for HAA Pro for customers with all-in purchases

-WAV file import now uses a file picker, to allow importing from iCloud and other locations
-Fixed issue where SPL Graph notifications page error message on missing email field

AudioTools 16.1

-Fixed issue with iPrecisionMic and uPrecisionMic frequency issues

-Improved handling of uPrecisionMic

-Fixed Measurement Mode setting display issue

-Fixed ACU crash on launch

-Fixed SPL Meter graphics on iPhone 14 models


AudioTools 16.0

-Improved handling new iOS versions for calibration

-Added latest iOS devices to cal files

-Fixed issues with storage location of HAA project files

-Bug fixes and stability improvements


AudioTools 15.9

October 30, 2022

– Impedance plot now allows auto-range to 2000 Ohms

– Added support for accessing channels in multi-channel audio devices

– Updated 3D plot licensing

– HAA: Change mode calculation limit to 90Hz

– HAA: Added mode frequency to report

– HAA: Fixed missing data for MLP plots

– HAA: Now Saves file after each test

– HAA: Allows changing room height


AudioTools 15.8

October 3, 2022

-In-app purchases stick


AudioTools 15.7

July 8, 2022

HAA Update:

-Moved loudspeaker editor over checklist or tool on the right side of the screen 

-Now allows tapping another loudspeaker to edit it 

-Added message showing comments that are for internal reference only 

-Fixed report image covering comment in some cases 

-New checklists imported


AudioTools 15.6

June 14, 2022

-Includes New HAA home theater test modules


AudioTools 15.5

May 20, 2022

HAA Fixes and Updates


AudioTools 15.4

Mar 21, 2022

-Fixed crash on launch


AudioTools 15.3

March 18, 2022

-Selector for Mono/Balanced on Global Audio page fixed

-Smaart Spectrum large dB and Hz didn’t show on white backgrounds

-Updated MacBook detection / calibration

-Updated remote SPL logging protocol

-SPL Graph remote logging, pressing UUID button navigates to meter page in Safari

-LARSA – Increase number of miniDSP filters to 10

-LARSA – Allows export of filter text from pop-up

-LARSA – Editing default filters can’t select second one


AudioTools 15.2

February 1, 2022

-Fixed output cal reference level issues

-Fixed iAudioInterface2 issues with Amplitude Sweep

-Fix Amplitude Sweep screen rotation issues

-Amplitude Sweep locked graph custom dB values now recall

-Amplitude sweep pass/fail fixed

-Amplitude sweep now applies sweep time change immediately

-Amplitude sweep setup on iPad UI issues

-Fixed Amplitude Sweep not setting iAudioInterface2 reference level

-Improved Amplitude Sweep initial curve results

-Add THD iAudioInterface2 reference voltage option

-Added THD frequency selector

-Improved THD UI on iPad

-Fixed Line Input Level Meter bugs

-Level Meter UI fixes

-Improved Level Meter iAudioInterface2 output control operation

-Changed Colors on Transfer Function to red green blue

-iAudioInterface2 setup fixed in line input calibration

-Fixed iAudioInterface2 settings not being applied properly

-Fixed iAudioInterface2 output not starting until touching volume knob

-Made overclip indicate larger on line input calibration

-Auto detect umik by name and set approximate calibration


AudioTools 15.1

November 29, 2021


AudioTools 15.0

October 22, 2021


AudioTools 14.12

October 4, 2021


AudioTools 14.11

September 14, 2021


AudioTools 14.10

June 1, 2021

-Added: Full support for new iPad Pros

-LARSA: Fixed user latency not being applied to ETC

-Fixed: “device not in database” message shows up too many times

-Added: Device ports can be now seen on email support page Audio button

-Fixed: plugging in iPrecisionMic would disable mic comp until restart

-Fixed: Mic Compensation is not applied when source is changed in module

-Added: More custom mic compensation files

-Fixed: Make sure it can’t load cal files multiple times


AudioTools 14.9

May 10, 2021

-Fixed sweep, -dBFS, and signal issues in generators in RTA, FFT, Smaart and others


AudioTools 14.8

April 18, 2021

-Improved bluetooth performance for all modules except time-critical functions like Transfer Function, Delay Finder, and LARSA.

-Bug fixes and stability improvements


AudioTools 14.7

April 4, 2021


* Improved Subwoofer Test Mode, enable on LARSA->Settings page


AudioTools 14.6

March 28, 2021


New in this update:

-Regsistration added, get priority support, sale updates, more



* Added Subwoofer Test Mode, enable on LARSA->Settings page

* Fixed mic compensation calculations

* Added remote signal playback in standalone Remote Generator app

* Fixed possible crash after pressing “Waiting…” button



* Fixed possible crash on launch



* Fixed possible crash on load while viewing FFT

* Recalled file name now shows on plot


-Transfer Function:

* Fixed mic compensation

* Fixed possible crash on double-tap

* Fixed UI issues if “Normalized Plots” are set to “saved”



* Updated calibration for new iPads

* Fixed UI issues on SPL Dashboard setup page

* Under the hood fixes

* Ensured iPrecisionMic will not use compensation file


AudioTools 14.5

February 24, 2021


– Fixed crash on launch for new users in 14.4


AudioTools 14.4

February 21, 2021

-Updated iTestMic2 calibration file downloads

-Automatically downloads & installs iTestMic2 calibration files

-Fixes issues with iTestMic2 calibration files not being found

-Fixed calibration file loading issues


AudioTools 14.3

January 22, 2021

Fixed SPL Meter display issues on iPhone 12 models


AudioTools 14.2

December 31, 2020

-Improved resolution of IR and LARSA waterfall plots

-Added option to display the difference between to IR plots

-Fixed issues with IR waterfall plot smoothing settings

-Added external noise file option for STIPA Pro.

– Record and save a 16-bit 48k mono .wav file of background noise in the Recorder module.
mixed with the incoming live audio. The noise file will loop if it is shorter than the live test.

-Fixed Smaart initial compensation file loading

-Fixed STC text, removed “dB” label
-Bug fixes and stability improvements


AudioTools 14.1

October 2, 2020

-Fixed network connection for AudioTools Wireless Link (new Apple permissions)


AudioTools 13.2

August 27, 2020



  • Added External Trigger Mode; now works with Surround Generator Atmos
  • Replaced missing 3D plots
  • Added option for displaying the signal magnitude on the ETC plot

Transfer Function, Smaart Spectrum

  • Added option for 3dB scales on plots (instead of 5dB divisions)


  • Added support for data file access in the iOS Files app in internal mode, look for the folder in Locations->My iPhone/iPad in Files
  • Updated for all current iOSX devices and iOS 14

AudioTools 13.1

July 6, 2020



  • Fixed crash on launch in some iOS versions
  • Fixed an issue where the Recorder would save a 44.1k file as 48k sample rate
  • Fixed Surround Sound signal playback on iOS 13 with iAudioInterface2, but only in the Surround Generator on the Utilities page.


AudioTools 13.0

May 8, 2020



  • Fixed crash on original iPhone SE
  • Rebuilt app resources
  • Removed “Prevent in-app purchases” option
  • Moved Mono/Balanced control setting to Global Audio settings page

Impulse Response

  • Flipped 3D frequency axis labels


  • Flipped 3D time axis labels

Gated Noise RT60

  • Now shows recalled file name

AudioTools 12.0 

April 14, 2020



  • Now requires iOS 11 or later

Impulse Response, LARSA

  • Restored 3D plots

AudioTools 11.9 

February 16, 2020


SPL Graph

  • Fixed Ln bug with points > 15m
  • Fixed Ln selected < 1.0s


  • uTestMic gain settings were not applied
  • Could take 2 taps to exit mic calibration screen


  • Filter design file select and Reference File select windows did not obey safe areas

Impulse Response

  • Added 3D plots back with time and frequency scales
  • Fixed split mode selector not updating on module load
  • Fix no calculations on file recall
  • Stability improvements

AudioTools 11.6

January 15, 2020


-Updated Smaart library

-Added LARSA 3D plot back in

-Added support for more iPads

-Fixed iAudioInterface2 always staying in low mic range

-Fixed possible sample rate issues in RTA


AudioTools 11.5

December 18, 2019


-Fixed issue with error messages not showing when recalling files. Please test save/recall in any module.

-Fixed Audio Scope not recalling traces

-Fixed pink noise output in SPL Pro in 24-bit mode

-More sample rate fixes


AudioTools 11.4

October 18, 2019



-Added support for flash messages

-Improved frequency resolution on Smaart Peak Frequency readouts

-Fixed possible incorrect generator frequencies on some devices

-Added mic selector to Dual Traffic Light setup page

-Fixed incorrect RC calculations in RTA

-Bug fixes and stability improvements


AudioTools 11.3

November 27, 2019


  • Added support for iOS 13 (note: we do not at this time support Apple;’s dark mode, although ours is available on the Settings-General page)
  • Improved calibration support for iPrecisionMic

AudioTools 11.2

September 8, 2019


  • – Added debugging ID field to settings page
  • Bugs fixed in AudioTools Wireless
  • – Added remote log tracker
  • – Adjusted iPrecisionMic and uPrecisionMic gains for new mics
  • – Fixed: STC results box was too small
  • – Added: Support for new uPrecisionMic calibration and gain ranges
  • – Fixed: Changing calibration hi/low from mic selector did not stick
  • – Fixed: FFT size and resolution text removed from portrait mode
  • – Fixed: ScreenSize: background mode bug fixed
  • – Fixed Impedance Sweep screen resetting when saving a photo (activity indicator)


AudioTools 11.1

August 9, 2019


  • Fixed Smaart not allowing split screen on some iPhone 6+ models
  • Fixed crash on save in RTA, possibly other places

AudioTools 11.0

August 1, 2019


  • Improved detection of calibration files
  • Fixed issues with iAudioInterface2 and iTestMic2 handling
  • Fixed calibration system issues
  • Adjusted calibration and gain for uTestMic

AudioTools 10.23

June 20, 2019


  • Fixed forgetting high range setting when returning from background
  • Changed email sign-up landing page
  • Misc bug fixes

AudioTools 10.22

May 20, 2019

  • Improved handling of USB microphones
  • Removed auto-ranging from SPL Traffic Light, which was interfering with Sound Level Control
  • Improved STIPA Pro UI on iPad
  • Improved Sound Level Control algorithm
  • Bug fixes in STIPA unlocking

AudioTools 10.21

April 2, 2019


  • Fixed crash in IR module on iPad
  • Added Cinema X-Curve option to Smaart RTA
  • Fixed possible crashes in IR for iOS 12
  • Improved layout and stability of STIPA module
  • Removed 3D plots, these will be replaced with improved plots

AudioTools 10.20

November 19, 2018


  • Fixed forgetting high range setting when returning from background
  • Improved operation of Upgrade Calculator


AudioTools 10.19

October 14, 2018


  • Fixed High Range setting not being retained
  • Changed Balanced/Mono setting initial app default to Mono


  • Added Upgrade Calculator, to determine the best upgrade cost to unlock all in-app purchases.
  • Removed Forum


  • Fixed frequency dropping when leaving a finger touching the dial in portrait mode
  • Fixed Run/Stop behavior

AudioTools 10.18

September 25, 2018


  • Fixed recalling last stored mic range.
  • Updated for iPhone XS Max
  • Fixed possible crash after using AT Wireless in 24-bit mode

SPL Graph

  • Now changes data format to ISO 8601 when using Remote Monitoring
  • Remote Monitor in-app purchase subscriptions now active


  • Update in-app subscriptions for SPL Graph Remote Monitoring
  • Fixed crash in SPL Traffic Light after running for a long time
  • FFT: added RPM option
  • Transfer Function: Added Mono/Bal switch to Delay Finder panel
  • TL: Added a delay before measurement starts on Receive and Ambient pages
  • Smaart: Now draws tick marks every second on spectrograph

AudioTools 10.17

September 17, 2018



  • Minor bug fixes

AudioTools 10.16

August 27, 2018


Surround Generator

  • Fixed file download issue
  • Fixed crashing in SPL Pro and other modules using the HDMI adapter

SPL Meter

  • Restored Shake to Clear function

Photo Roll Permissions

  • Added warning when trying to save a screen shot to photo roll if permissions are not set


  • Fixed setup page not scrolling

AudioTools 10.15

July 19, 2018



  • Fixed potential crash on launch when connected to some WiFi routers that did not have access to the internet.


  • Improved UI on graphical generator for iPads

Impulse Response

  • Implemented new graphical layout for setup page

Impedance Plot

  • After recalling a curve, smoothing could be changed but button did not update


  • Slowed down SPL reading screen updates to match RTA


AudioTools 10.14

July 6, 2018



  • Moved url, on files page since the header is obscured on iOS 9
  • Fixed a calibration system bug that could cause some devices to read too high
  • Fixed an issue that caused low sample rate message after a cold app start

Transfer Function

  • Fixed crashes when delay time exceeded 1s

Smaart Spectrum

  • Fixed pause at start of measurement


  • Added option to display bandwidth or Q for filter design


  • Fixed interaction with LARSA settings that could cause ACU not to compute levels

Impulse Response

  • Fixed issues with recalling saved files

SPL Meter

  • Switches were reversed on some iOS devices

SPL Graph

  • Added Remote Monitor option using subscription
  • Fixed setup page help screen running into status bar

AudioTools 10.13

May 1, 2018



  • Fixed iAudioInterface2 shutting off when not using audio 
  • Fixed “new version” popup message always appearing
  • Moved input gain field to microphone settings page
  • Updated calibration help file with new gain method
  • Fixed user gain not being applied
  • HomeKit: improved reliability
  • Fixed HomeKit not working the first time it was accessed
  • Added text to Save/Recall details page saying how to get an image to export
  • Local files on save/recall and are now in alpha order
  • url page files are now in alpha order


  • Applied weighting to NC curves so that the calculations are corrected for curve weighting
  • Showing “>” for any noise measurement that exceeds the max curve 


  • Added 3D touch option to clear all recalled plots 


  • Fixed STIPA on iPhone X possible calculation bugs

SPL Meter

  • SPL Meter, improved UI on iPad in split screen mode
  • Landscape graphics bugs on iphone 6/7/8

SPL Dual Traffic Light

  • Fixed HomeKit function


  • Fixed FFT selector not working

SPL Dashboard

  • Added HomeKit support to Traffic Light
  • Changed Done button to arrow

Transfer Function

  • Fixed FFT selector not working

AudioTools 10.12

Mar 8, 2018


Sorry – we will fix the version notification window always appearing in the next update!



  • Fixed Photoroll permission logic error; now allows saving photos
  • Removed iPhone X Home Indicator in more modules
  • Fixed AT Wireless client not working in AudioTools


Impedance sweep

  • Fixed Sweep time won’t change even if text changes
  • Fixed issues with iAudioInterface2 not properly initializing.


Transfer Function

  • Settings page layout changed, scrolling added
  • Can’t select FFT size in setup


SPL Graph

  • Added weighting letter to “Leq” string in .txt file for single-filter tests


Room Treatment

  • Improved display of material area in m units


AudioTools 10.11

Feb 26, 2018


New! Added HomeKit integration to SPL Graph and SPL Traffic Light



  • Added HomeKit help file
  • Improved handling of iAudioInterface2 after sending app to background and restarting
  • Now shows 4 significant digits in popup generator panel dBFS field
  • Added AudioTools Wireless to Utility menu 
  • Added new purchase, Unlock Everything



  • Fixed crash on iPad Pro 12.9″


AT Wireless 

  • Added AudioTools Wireless option to Utility menu


Traffic Light

  • dB label clipping vertically
  • Added HomeKit integration
  • Improved display UI



  • Fixed missing information on main screen



  • Changed setup window to panel in iPad
  • Improved setup page organization
  • Returned graph settings to setup page


SPL Graph

  • Added buttons on settings page to set graph start and end from cursor position
  • Added red spectrum lines that show spectrum of currently zoomed graph window
  • Made cursor line thicker for more visibility
  • Added HomeKit integration tied to minimal display parameters



  • Generator frequency now correct at startup
  • Changed setup window to panel in iPad
  • Setup screen moves out of the way of the keyboard
  • Fixed Normalize control not showing correct setting
  • Changed L-R to L-S text in Normalize
  • Added title to general FFT settings section
  • Now >= 1dB range
  • Changed text strings to not wrap to 2 lines
  • Added missing graph settings section
  • Add setting for 1dB scale, between 10.0 and 60.0 dB range
  • Reorganized settings page



  • Added Hz to biquad label
  • Sped up graph redraws on slower machines
  • Added View Filter Values  option to menu
  • Fixed possible crash on recall file
  • More spacing between Hz button and stepper
  • Now normalizes predicted curve when Normalize is turned on
  • Fixed settings for selected visible graphs not being retained across runs
  • Added space between Done and Tone buttons
  • Improved filter design UI
  • dB scales fields for ETC and Frequency graph were swapped on setup page
  • Now saves results when exiting to menus, if unsaved
  • Fixed setup page segmented controls color in low contrast mode
  • Updated help screen
  • Added Reset Filters choice to menu
  • Added “Cancel” choice to menu
  • Increased number of filters by adding Generic 6 and 7 options to Filter Design page
  • Now allows moving filter editor position by touch-drag
  • Fixed re-activating the app could cause an unintended test to occur
  • Fixed app audio still running when going to background
  • Improved dB scale pinch-zoom gesture response
  • Slowed screen redraws on slower devices when editing filters



  • ACU, no tests were shown


SPL Dashboard

  • SPL Graph in dashboard was broken in octave mode


AudioTools 10.10

Jan 15, 2018



-Made generator popup more visible

-Updated Reference Curve help text

-Save/Recall now allows editing of auto-suggested name before saving

-Added document picker to get files from Apple file system for microphone compensation

-Fixed Files screen on Utility menu and other areas

-Added support for Apple HomeKit

-Removed low signal notification generically

-Gain override field was always grey

-Fixed possible crash on changing compensation file


Dual SPL Traffic Light 

-Now supports using color light bulbs for SPL Notifications

-GUI improvements for SPL Traffic Light Notifications page and iOS Configuration page



-Changed Settings back to single window with scroll view

-Fixed generator frequency being incorrect after reboot

-Fixed window change not taking effect until next run

-Removed low signal notification



-Fixed screenshots being clipped



-Fixed clipped screenshots


AudioTools 10.9

Nov 28, 2017


Major Update- Full UI conversion to iPhone X


iOS 9 or later is required for this update. Other changes: 


SPL Graph

-Changed auto-save date to 24h format

-Fixed crash when deleting Notifications



-Audio processing now stops when going to background, unless Leq mode is on



-Fix operational logic bugs


AudioTools 10.8

Oct 17, 2017



– Input device name has been added to the header of all stored .txt files

– “Clear accessory in use flag” button on audio settings crashes

– Enabled playback through iPhone speaker by default



– Fixed GUI issues on large iPhone displays on iOS 11



– Fixed instability in EPPO mode with octave smoothing on iPad Pro 10.5

– Fixed losing EPPO mode recall in some cases



– Crashes saving txt file to iCloud 


SPL Dashboard

– The spl pro (max db) is at the top overwrite the spl pro title could this be moved back down where it was


SPL Graph

– Fixed issue with recording M4A format audio files on iOS 11

– Fixed dropping last second or missing first second in data files

– Fixed Notifications not working in some cases

– Fixed possibly losing saved gmail address & password

– Fixed keyboard blocking text fields in Notifications setup page

– Fixed logic errors with saving files if incomplete email information is set

– Failed emails now cause alert message with cause

– Fixed emails failing to send

– Fixed possible crash when sending emails with a slow network connection


AudioTools 10.7

Oct 5, 2017



– Fixed possible crash from badly formed TextDoc

– Added Calibration Error Report link to support page

– Fixed crash on iOS 11 when saving screenshots

– Fixed crashes on iOS 8 and iOS 9

– Fixed issue with multiple Studio Six Digital apps trying to access our accessories

– Updated App Store in-app purchase accessing and authorization for iOS 11

Live Calibration Updates

– Added cloud-based database for all iOS devices that can be updated in real time

– All devices included

– Includes local default files, in case a device has no internet connectivity

– Different databases for each major iOS version, starting with iOS 10

– New iPhones added to live calibration database


SPL Graph

– Fixed crash with warning if there was a problem with the email server, now notifiies



– Added option to set the plot crossover point to 400Hz, 1kHz, or 2kHz for Normalize mode

– Fixed possible crash when loading older FFT files


Room Treatment 

– When you recall a saved file, it now recalls the room measurements.

– Added 2’ X 4’ X 2” 8 sq. feet and 2’ X 2’ X 2”  4 sq. feet fiberglas 703 ceiling panels


Transmission Loss

– Added option for US version of the ASTM 336 standard


AudioTools 10.6

Sep 3, 2017


See below, major upgrade to SPL Graph



  • Added interruption handling added to all modules. Everything should now recover gracefully from phone calls, Siri, and other audio interruptions.
  • Adjusted gain for iPhone SE
  • Added iOS device platform to support message
  • Removed iTestMic calibration auto-adjust from all apps 


Dual traffic light

  • Added the option to store/recall user presets
  • Added offset dB field to each traffic light setup page 
  • Fixed landscape numbers getting crunched



  • Fixed: Lite+ 32Hz saving in the 63 Hz column of the .txt file.



  • Aligned text fields on screen better


SPL Graph 

  • Fixed possible crash when setting cursor in an audio file, when another was within 10s of it.
  • Auto-saved files no longer drift in time.
  • Auto-saving moved to background thread for shorter gaps between files.
  • Enabled 0.1s resolution for octave mode for faster iOS devices.
  • Added computation of graph Leq for selected time limits and weighting.
  • Notifications Upgrade – Major Change –
  • Multiple Notifications are now available, tap “Add” on the Notifications Setup page. 
  • All notifications are checked once/second to see if any have been triggered. 
  • Name notifications as needed. 
  • No limits to how many you can make.
  • Notifications now support Day of Week masking. Allows for different notifications on different days of the week.
  • Time window for each notification. Specify a time window in 24-hour hh:mm format. 
  • Ln triggers added. Set triggers based on Ln or Leq. Time means “look back n seconds for Ln level”.
  • Record Audio added. If this is enabled, a clip of the audio that triggered the notification will be recorded and saved locally and to iCloud or Dropbox, if enabled. The clip time will be the same as the Leq / Ln time, up to a maximum time of 30 seconds. File name format is “NyyyMMdd-HHmmss”
  • Email Audio file option added.
  • Fixed: removed 20s minimum notification lockout
  • Overall spl values in .txt file fixed
  • Leq: in top bar corrected on recall
  • Slight difference in blue bars and .txt file overall values corrected



  • Cursor location bug fixed


Transfer Function

  • Fixed crash on iOS 11 when testing delay



  • Updated help page to include iCloud and WiFi subnet match to file download info


AudioTools 10.5

Jun 20, 2017



-Added support for Bluetooth and AirPlay output devices

-Default audio output goes to speaker rather than receiver on iPhones-

App Store ratings panel for 10.3

-Stereo/mono state is now based on output route capabilities

-Fixed Stereo detection broken with latest update

-App functions correctly in split-screen mode on iPad


On Store page

-Now sends users to product page for their country


Surround Generator 

-Fixed downloads 

-Fixed output on Surround Generator page


Dual Traffic Light

-Moved time display to center bottom


AudioTools 10.4

Jun 8, 2017



 -Added new module, Audio Coverage Uniformity


AudioTools 10.3

May 22, 2017



 -Fixed Audio Input Files processing in 24-bit mode

 -Added showing file name of playing audio file

 -Upgraded audio processing and input device handling

 -Better identification of external devices

 -Device change information handled during calibration list

 -Improved handling of changing devices while a module is running

 -Pop-up generator now includes an output level control


Reference Files

 -Improved interpretation of reference and frequency compensation curve files

 -Frequencies less than that of the first value in file are now set to 0.0


Save / Recall

 -Updated auto-save naming settings screen, accessed from mini-menu on Save/Recall page

 -Added an option for Date and Time based file name, which does not use a sequence number



 -Fixed, was always in 24-bit mode

 -Fixed, after using audio file playback, save /recall would not work

 -Added recall to live file name to plot

 -Fixed, in compare mode, recall live plot, double tap, crash

 -Adjust graph to match frequency scale



 -Improved frequency parsing of reference curve files to match bands



 -Improved selection of plot types

 -Added an option to display the current date and time on the screen

 -Added an option to take screenshots automatically, with the interval defined on the settings page


Transfer Function

 -Fixed Delay Finder on iPad and Plus size iPhones

 -Fixed graph type controls on Plus size iPhones

 -Changed iPhone 6/7Plus to single screen mode from split screen


Smaart, FFT, RTA, SPL Graph

 -Fixed issue where recalled file name would not remain on the screen


SPL Graph

 -Audio file playback now working properly


SPL Dashboard

-Added Slow current SPL to large Traffic Light screen


Gated Noise RT60

 -Added Mono/Balanced control to setup page

 -Added overall decay time with Z/A/C weighting

 -Added generator level control to setup page


Transmission Loss

 -Added generator level control to setup page


Amplitude Sweep 

 -Now stores to photo roll with white background



 -Fixed: Delete files could crash without deleting the file


AudioTools 10.2

Apr 3, 2017



 -Now always showing email support option on menu whether or not email is enabled on the device, with a warning message on the support page if email is not available



-Added Transmission Loss to file migration process

-Fixed Room Treatment and LARSA files possibly not fully migrating



-Fixed EPPO and Low FFT mode level shifts in portrait/landscape

-Added “Recall File to Live Plot” option on Save/Recall mini-menu

-Updated help file

-Fixed some iOS devices (including iPhone 7) not changing to low SR for Low Mode

-Improved handling of SR changes for various input devices

-Improved Low Mode resolution for iTestMic, iPrecisionMic, and iAudioInterface2, and generic USB audio devices

NOTE: iOS provides better LF performance below 15Hz for 8KHz SR



 -Changed graph color to white for live RTA Line + spectrograph mode

 -Restricted graph types in log/lin mode, and added a warning message


AudioTools 10.1

Mar 15, 2017



 -Added activity indicator when running 

 -Added date and time to data file

 -Added Dose % to minute data in CSV file

 -Improved data file column heading labels

 -Fixed SPL peak value in .txt file array not following SPL Meter filter

 -Made minute array SPL labels dynamic to follow settings



 -Added date and time of file save to all CSV files

 -Added app MFi accessory collision avoidance 

 -Removed an unused iCloud internal path



 -In-app purchases now show price without showing the “Buy” panel, to prevent inadvertent purchases

 -Restore in-app purchase error causes shown in dialog box


AudioTools 10.0

Mar 6, 2017


Dosimeter Module

 –Added new module. Measures noise exposure over time to several standards.


Gated Noise RT60

 -Added screenshots


Transmission Loss

 -Now supports screenshots

 -Added live NC value to Receiving Room screen



 -Normalization curve matching point moved to 2kHz

 -Fixed compensation handling on rotate

 -Improved error message when recalling a file that was stored with a sample rate different than the one in effect currently.


SPL Graph

 -Now saving the graph image using the button on the screen or when autosaved also includes the cursor and cursor’s octave or 1/3 octave plot if present.



 -Fixed in-app Gated Noise buy issue 

 -Fixed Restore Purchases issue

 -Minimum iOS version now 8.0


Other Items

 -Added support for iTestMic2 frequency calibration files

 -iCloud bug fixes

 -Added file storage method description to support email information


AudioTools 9.9

Jan 30, 2017


Transmission Loss

-New module added! More information here.

-Removed partial Transmission Loss from RTA Setup page


SPL Dashboard

-Improved large display option for SPL Traffic Light


Gated Noise RT60

– iCloud file migration fixed

– Now included in All-In in app purchase



– Added Overall LEQ SPL to STIPA data file

– Changed test number in data file to match the screen


AudioTools 9.8


Gated Noise RT60

-New module added!


Room Correction

-Fixed crash on test start


AudioTools 9.7


Support Menu

-Changed Restore Purchases module to AudioTools Store

-Added new option for “Unlock All Modules” in-app purchase (this does not function for beta testing)


AudioTools 9.6



– Added support for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus


AudioTools 9.5

Surround Generator

– Fixed Surround Signals looping on Apple HDMI adapter

-Fixed bugs in Surround Signal playback in modules

-Fixed Surround Signal not ending when exiting modules

-Fixed Surround Signal logic bugs in Surround Generator

-Changed Surround Generator screen background color


SPL Graph

– Possible fix for incorrect file lengths with hourly syncing.


AudioTools 9.4


SPL Graph

-Added file processing to SPL Graph. This is intended for use by dropping wave files into the SPL Graph public folder. These files are then used as the audio source

-Fixed SPL Graph running Leq on minimal display

-If auto-save is turned on, when a test is stopped it will also be automatically autosaved.


Audio File Processing

-Initial implementation of audio file processing. Available in fft, rta, Smaart. To use, first save Ann audio wave file in SPL graph, then go to the Input Source page from fft settings, tap Select File on the bottom and choose the file. It will now process in the Main screen, looping, playing just as it was recorded. The slider can be used to change the file position.


AudioTools 9.3


SPL Graph

– Enabled portrait mode on iPhone 6Plus

-Fixed SPL graph minimal mode running LEQ

 -Enabled landscape mode for iPhone6plus SPL graph

-Added SPL graph redraw screen on iPhone 6s rotate



-Fixed iPhoneSE dB too high SPL readings

-Fixed iPhone SE display bugs in SPL Meter and others

-Added link to Studio Six Digital in-app restore help page to Support Restore page


SPL Dashboard

-Fixed SPL Dashboard Traffic Light large display


AudioTools 9.2


SPL Graph

– Fixed an issue where audio recording could stop after 10 seconds

– Fixed Leq mode in minimal display

– Fixed Leq mode not being saved/recalled

– Changed color of V icon depending on device battery charge state


Dual SPL Traffic Light

– Fixed colors of images in setup on some devices.



– Added Limit band display for NC and other curves



– Put text on graph in white & black to show up better on dark spectrograph


AudioTools 9.1


iOS 9.3 is recommended for this release.


In-App Purchases

-Fixed an issue that was causing “Receipt Verification” errors.


Audio System

-Fixed an issue that was causing issues with external microphones when plugged into the headset jack while the calibration window was open.


Demo Videos

-Updated several demo videos.


AudioTools 9.0


Dual SPL Traffic Light

– Added new dual SPL monitor with email notifications 


Impulse Response

– Fixed issue where selectors would not function after selecting first option. 


SPL Graph

– Added option on minimal display for Fast or Slow SPL

– Added option on minimal display to show SPL value on main screen

– Changed file name extension for LAeq 50ms file to “.text”

– Now also emails LAeq 50ms files if option is turned on


AudioTools 8.9


SPL Meter

– Added option on iPad to select large or small meter graphics. Use small graphics if you are using Slide Over multi-tasking. Slide Over and Split View allow you to run AudioTools multi-tasking, side-by-side with another app.


Audio System

– Added option to allow mixing audio with other apps on Global Audio Settings, under Settings-General. Note that iOS does not support audio running in both apps in Split View unless you enable Allow Audio Mixing with Others.


SPL Graph

– Updated SPL Graph demo video.

– SPL Graph now resets video window location when double-tapping on the screen.


In-App Purchases 

Fixed Restore Purchases from menu.


AudioTools 8.8


Split Screen Multi-tasking Added


– Added support for Slide Over and Split Screen for late-model iPads. To use this, start AudioTools, and then swipe from the right edge of the screen. A bar will appear with other iOS apps that you can choose from. Now touch the border between AudioTools and the other iOS app, and a handle will appear. Continue to swipe left, and the screen will split and both apps will be running at the same time.


SPL Dashboard

– Fixed crash on exit.



– Now flagging illegal or improper file names with “.” characters in the name.



 – Recalling old files, all could be shifted +7 dB.

 – Mic compensation is now embedded into saved files so that it always comes back correctly.

 – Recalling old files that had compensation off were use compensation for local device, now remains off.


AudioTools 8.7


iOS 9.3 is recommended for this release.



– Export now works for audio file that was saved in the Recorder.


Audio system

–  Fixes for external headset mics not reading correctly.



– Improved General Settings page user interface and formatting.

– Added a new Global Audio Settings page, accessed from General Settings page.

– Added an option to override the high range gain for the internal or headset mic. 


Save / Recall

– Improved the mini sub-menu on Save/Recall screen.



 – Fixed an error where the initial point of the microphone compensation could be incorrect (applies to newly stored files)

 – Recalled files now always show the microphone compensation that was in effect when they were saved.


AudioTools 8.6


Updated for iOS 9.3. 

– New calibrations loaded for all iPads.


Save/Recall Updates

– New! Auto-save file name options are now available from the Save/Recall screen mini-menu. Tap the icon with 3 lines to access the auto-save options page.

– New! Added auto-save Name List to store frequently-used file names. 

– Fixed auto-save sequence numbers resetting after app relaunches.

– Fixed case where files may not be saved when using auto-save immediately after Delete All Files.

– Fixed possible crash if action buttons were tapped with no file name selected.

– Improved auto-save naming.


Audio System

– Now always uses 24-bit audio mode if iPrecisionMic is present.

– Fixed an issue where internal mic gain could change coming out of the background


Support Menu

– Fixed Forum page access.

– Fixed “Rate This App” access.

– Fixed access to other Studio Six Digital webpages

– Improved referral screen layout.


SPL Graph Updates

– Added 24-bit audio support. (24-bit must be enabled on General Settings page, or using iPrecisionMic)

– Fixed volume slider range to be 30 dB.

– Fixed an issue where the first A/C/Z data point could be too high in octave logging mode.

– Fixed an issue where some files would not recall

– Fixed mic compensation not recalling correctly for files saved on another device

– Improved cursor display

– See auto-save fixes above.


AudioTools 8.5


iPrecisionMic, iTestMic, iAudioInterface2

-Fixed accessory communications bugs when accessory attaches while app is in the background.



-Now uses actual device name when saying “Disconnected” or “Connected”.


SPL Graph &  SPL Dashboard:

-Fixed 1 minute resolution selection not being available in octave mode.


SPL Traffic Light:

-Fixed number alignment on iPad Pro.

-Fixed selection picker on setup page.



-Disabled non-working graph options for Log mode.


Audio System on iPad:

-Now trapping audio system bugs with low level and showing warning. 



-Fixed microphone compensation not being applied correctly to recalled graphs after rotating device.  


AudioTools 8.4


Measurement Mode Bug 


-Fixed measurement mode bug introduced in 8.3.


AudioTools 8.3




-Added the concept of a “Project” (iOS 9.0 or later required). Projects setup is accessed from the Settings menu, and are specified by selecting one of your iOS contacts. You can also select a card to be used for your Company information. If you turn on the switches, this information will also be shown on the reports.


SPL Graph 


-Added indicator to show if the iOS device is being charged. If it is, +V appears in green on the top bar.

-Added ‘Z’ to flat Leq designation, like LZeq.

-Added display of A/C/Z bars in octave or 1/3 octave logging.

-Fixed Notification time to show current time, not start of test.

-Fixed SPL Dashboard overall Leq issues.


Microphone Calibration

-Added button to store a log of the current calibration data and SPL reading.


Transfer Function

-Fixed reference curve smoothing not following selection of transfer function smoothing.



AudioTools 8.1




-Improved calibration for many devices.

-Fixed possible file name bug on autosave.

-Various minor bug fixes.


SPL Graph


-Added Leq / Fast / Slow detector to Ln calculations




-Fixed intermittent graph freezing for iPads laying flat or being bumped.

Fixed freezing when changing audio route with FFT running, includes plugging in iTestMic or iPrecisionMic.




-Fixed an issue where audio source calibration would not update if audio device was changed while SPL Pro was active.


AudioTools 8.0




– Updated all calibrations for iOS 9.1

– Added iPad Pro support

– Fixed Studio Six Digital web site access

– Fixed iOS instability issues


SPL Graph


– Added 50msLAeq output option. This file is saved with the extension “.rtf”.

– Fixed memory usage issues.


AudioTools 7.9


iCloud Support


We now fully support Apple iCloud. This means that is you enable this option, all of the data files will be stored on the cloud, and will be available on all of your devices running AudioTools. We recommend switching to iCloud from Dropbox, as Dropbox support will be removed in a future version of AudioTools. More here:


AudioTools now supports iCloud.


SPL Graph Video Capture Option


We have added the ability to record a video of the SPL Graph test. This is an option, available for in-app purchase. More here, including the demo video:


SPL Graph Video Capture Option.


AudioTools 7.8


Major changes to Dropbox Support

This update requires that you relink to your Dropbox

– Location of Dropbox files are now at the top Dropbox level, under a folder named “StudioSixDigital”. All apps using the new Dropbox scheme will use this starting folder, so all SPL Graph files, for example, will accumulate under the same folder name.

– Beneath the “StudioSixDigital” folder are the “internal” and “public” folders. These hold the same files before.

– All folders are now shareable, like any other Dropbox folder* The “.bin” files are renamed with the extension “.xdf” in Dropbox, due to limitations on the number extensions we can store. If these files are to be imported into AudioTools, they must be renamed back to the .bin extension.

– Updated all modules for showing a screen name if set on Save/Recall page

SPL Graph

– Added option on auto-save setup screen to send test email using gmail credentials

– Fixed Leq numbers on screen not matching stored values in files

– Fixed not sending emails if screen shot was turned on

– Fixed CPU overload and crash with Ln and Octave logging on after 8 hours

– Sped up file saving time 10X


AudioTools 7.7


LARSA Filter Design Option

– Create digital filters for DSP processors

– Correct loudspeaker response for room modes

– Use automatic filter creation or edit them manually

– See the predicted curve response in real time as you change filters


SPL Graph

– Fixed label visibility in dark plot mode

– Fixed screen layout on some devices

– Fixed audio files not deleting with main file

– Added ability to save screenshots locally and to Dropbox



– Fixed spectrograph zooming

– Fixed log scales issues



– Audio could play through for a short time when starting FFT module



– Added ISO time option in General Settings

– Added option to copy binary internal format files to Dropbox


Delay Finder

– Updated module with bug fixes and UI improvements


Transfer Function

 – Fixed Generator not turning off on iPad after running Delay Finder

 – Added Reset button to Delay Finder to clear all offsets and latency values

 – Fixed delay field not updating on iPad after changing in Delay Finder


AudioTools 7.6


SPL Graph:

Added:  Ln statistical calculations per data point

Added: L01 and L95 calculations

Added: Choices for Z/A/C Ln statistics in octave logging

Changed: Increased Ln calculations to 0.1 sec sampling

Changed: Improved Leq Time Sync

Fixed: Corrected SPL Dashboard graph



Added: Cumulative Spectral Display (waterfall plot)

Added: “Expand Plot to Full Screen” button


iAudioInterface2, iPrecisionMic, iTestMic:

Fixed: Improved device connection after sleep / wake.


AudioTools 7.5



Updated: Support for German.



Added: Balanced/Mono output control and help text.


Delay Calculator:

Added: Samples calculation.


Recorder, ETC, LARSA, SPL Graph:

Fixed: Crashing on devices running iOS 6.


AudioTools 7.4



Added: Support for German, French, Japanese, and Chinese (simplified). Initial translation is for the AudioTools app only, the help screens will be updated at a later time.

Added: Added an option on the General->Settings page to force the language to English in case that is preferred.



Added: Surround 5.1 signal support

Fixed: Plot windows scrolling on start.



Fixed: For USB audio devices such as UMIK, now plugging in a headset connector does not change the input audio path.


SPL Graph:

Added: Leq Sync option. Now measurements can be synced to even wall clock times matching Leq resolution.

Added: Changed time fields to hh:mm:ss format for added clarity.

Fixed: Red plot line now properly follows selected 1/3 octave filter.

Fixed: Possible crash on save for 1/3 octave mode.

Fixed: Text on 1/3 octave picker

Fixed: Possible crash on entering the module, depending on previous module.

Fixed: Removed iPhone 4 from Octave logging capable due to processor limitations.


SPL Dashboard:
: It was possible to get low readings on SPL Meter depending on filter selections.



AudioTools 7.3.15


Note on calibrations:

Some calibrations were not created correctly for USB audio devices. Also, USB Device names are added when the entry is corrected. We suggest recreating your USB device calibrations by selecting “Delete All” or by swiping across the calibration entry to force it to be recreated.



Updated: Mic compensation update for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.



Added: Option to manually set the ETC window times.

Fixed: Graph dimensions were not being saved.


Impulse Response:

Fixed: Possible crash after Save, Measure, Save.



Fixed: Volume Slider was difficult to move on larger iPhone screens.


SPL Graph:
Option for simple SPL Traffic Light type view. See new option on the settings page called “Minimal Display”. Set your parameters, then tap the “123” button on the main graph to enable it.


AudioTools 7.3.14



Updated: SPL calibration has been updated for all iOS devices to fix changes resulting from iOS 8.

Added: Option to erase all settings. Use this if something is crashing in the app. It will preserve your data files, but reset all of the settings to the defaults.

Added: Global 24-bit option

ChangedReplaced rolling picker with popover for most SPL and Acoustics modules main screens



Added: Option to normalize all plots so that as you take measurements around the room the magnitude traces will stay aligned.

Added: Plot  option menu, with choices to hide/show the test, or to delete the test.

Fixed: Small variations in test-to-test level

Fixed Label GUI issues

Fixed Landscape mode plot issues

Fixed Updating bal/mono label after changes

Fixed minor GUI issues



Fixed: Enabled split screen for Smaart on iPhone 6 Plus (again)

Added: 24-bit option (set on General->Settings page in app)


Transfer Function:

Added: 24-bit option (set on General->Settings page in app)



Fixed: Recalled graphs were sometimes not smoothed


Fixed: Screenshot was 1/4 size


Files Utility:

Fixed: Swipe to delete was broken

Fixed: Screen did not always refresh


AudioTools 7.3.12


New Module – LARSA:

Loudspeaker And Room System Analyzer

Use a sine sweep test signal to accurately measure the frequency response of speakers in the room. Makes response correction easy, improves system sound and performance.



Fixed: iPad Air 2 and iPad mini audio issues

Added: Option for audio input gain mode settings

Fixed: iPhone 6 zoomed mode in SPL Meter



AudioTools 7.3.11



Fixed: Editing text fields for several modules would cause screen GUI issues. Includes Level Test, Impedance Test, SPL Dashboard Setup, and others.

Fixed: Contains memory usage fixes, and fixes to SPL Graph, as well as iOS 8 final fixes

Fixed: Keyboard would show suggestions for text input, which covered fields. Several locations.



Fixed: Create a new mic cal, delete it, crash.



Fixed: RTA processing in 24-bit mode, issues with stability of bars.


SPL Dashboard:

Fixed: GUI Issues with SPL Meter



Fixed: Crash on 4” and 4.7” iPhone screens

Fixed: Graph scale jumping on 4” and 4.7” screens


Impedance Sweep:

Fixed: Crash / missing screen issue


SPL Graph:

Reduced: Memory use when auto-saving, emailing, and saving to Dropbox

Fixed: An issue with the “save image” setting not working** Fixed crash in SPL graph

Change: To reduce SPL Graph email memory usage

Change: To send both the data file and the screenshot in the same email. This should avoid the issue that was causing crashes when saving and sending both emails.



Fixed: FFT crash if linear graph were selected

Added: option for thin/thick FFT lines.


: Line was not drawn and files were not saved.


AudioTools 7.3.3 


Fixed: Editing any text field that needs to move from under the keyboard would cause the display to shift the wrong direction. Most but not all instances of this issue are corrected. 

Fixed: Memory leaks, several modules. 


SPL Graph:
Fixed: Possible crash when email screenshots. Now both the data file and image file are attached to one email.

Fixed: Reduced memory growth when auto-saving, emailing or using Dropbox.


Impedance Plot:
UI issues on iOS 8


NOTE: Audio issues remain with iPad mini, iPad mini retina, and iPad 4, where the input level is clipping at lower levels than it should. This will be fixed in the next update, which will follow this update immediately. This version does not make the problem worse, but it does not help it either.


AudioTools 7.3 


iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad mini:

Fixed: Microphone level was too low.


iPhone6, iPhone 6 Plus:
Native support for these screens.


Crashes on iPhone 4, iPhone 4S


AudioTools 7.2.20


Room Treatment:

Added: New module added to Design menu.


Smaart Spectrum:

Fixed: Could crash after running 20-30 minutes.



Fixed: Improved displayed names on modules.

Fixed: Deleting the only available calibration could cause improper entrees.


AudioTools 7.2


Warning: Smaart Spectrum can crash after 20-30 minutes of in this release. A new update is coming soon to correct this.



Upgraded: New calibration system installed with support for multiple iOS mics. Headset mic calibrations are now stored separately from the internal mic. This allows having different calibration settings for headset mics and the internal mic. Also, iAudioInterface2 and iTestMic are recognized by their serial number, so you can calibrate several interfaces and the app will use the correct calibrations for the device.



Upgraded:  Logic improvements and now allow > 100 autosave file names. 



Added:  Auto-test and quick-save modes allow for quicker field testing of multiple locations.



Fixed:  Ln calculations were sometimes not appearing.

Fixed:  Screen shot capture now works correctly.



Upgraded: Generator output is now gated with run/pause on modules that have a pop-up generator. This affects RTA, FFT, Smaart, and Transfer Function.

Added: On iPhone, added continuous sweep button.



Fixed: X-Curve could move off screen when zooming the dB scale.



Fixed: On Setup page, editing graph limits could cause screen to get stuck scrolled off the top.


AudioTools 7.1


SPL Traffic Light:

Added: New choice for 125Hz Octave Band.


: Will not recall FFT files saved in EPPO mode.

Changed: Graphics now follow contrast mode 



Added: New feature to set plot colors. Go to Settings-General, and tap the Color Picker button.


AudioTools 7.0


Added: New feature to set plot colors. Go to Settings-General, and tap the Color Picker button.



Fixed: Audio output was going to receiver rather than speaker on iPhone.


Impulse Response:

Added: Undo for ETC trim. Works even if file is closed and reopened.


Transfer Function, Smaart Spectrum:

Added: Feature to save Average plot. To do this, recall several plots, turn on Average Plots, disable audio input on the Input Sources page, and open Save / Recall and store the new plot. The average curve will be saved.


Smaart Spectrum:

Added: A & C weighting options for plots

Fixed: Plot bars were not visible in some cases.

Changed: Default plot color changed to blue. See new feature above for changing plot colors globally.



Added: Mic range control added when iAudioInterface2 is present.

Fixed: Some fields were not visible in normal contrast mode.


SPL Graph:

Fixed: Some settings were not correctly displayed on Setup page.


AudioTools 6.9


Bug Fixes:


iPad Mini Retina

Added support for this device. Corrects bugs in SPL Meter (dashboard) and supports faster processor.


Impulse Response:

Fixed: Improved vertical / horizontal swipe detection

Fixed: Clearing recalled graphs also removes cursors

Fixed: Zoom and edit of ETC, FFT, and other plots was slow.

Fixed: Replace missing demo and support videos.


New Features:


Smaart Spectrum, Transfer Function:

Added: Ability to recall multiple plots, in different colors.

Added: Average mode for multiple plots.

Added: Full difference mode support.

Added: Normalization of live or recalled traces.


SPL Graph:
Added: Option to store screen shot at autosave.

Changed: User gmail credentials required for all background emails.


AudioTools 6.8 


Bug Fixes:


Transfer Function

Fixed: delay on iOS loopback mode, phase plot is now correct.

Fixed: System Latency setting


Pop-up Generator

Fixed: Surround signal labels were wrong, and All selector was missing


SPL Graph

Fixed: Octave spectrum as selected by cursor was not correct if more than 1s/point

Fixed: LEQ was not saved to XLS file if Ln were turned off



Fixed: Possible crash on start


New Features:


Impulse Response

Added: 3D data to XLS file


SPL Graph

Added: Options for 1, 5, and 15 minutes per graph point



Added: Option to show musical note on cursor and peak frequency


SPL Dashboard

Added: Option to remove SPL Meter from display


AudioTools 6.7


New Option:

Added: Scheduler option added to Settings menu. Scheduler can be used to run a group of measurements sequentially, automatically. Results are stored as the tasks run, using a common name format. Also supports surround signal tests.


General Fixes and Updates:

Fixed: Bug where Save/Recall and other screens could load increasingly slower as the app is used.


Improved: Updated pop-Generator in RTA, FFT, Impulse Response, Smaart, and Transfer Function. NOTE: See our FAQ page for info about an error in 5.1 signal labeling.


Improved: Setup screens on iPad for RTA, FFT, Impulse Response, Smaart, Transfer Function.


Fixed: Bug where browser file transfer could cease to work after app was in the background (if option to keep web browser running was turned on in Setup). 


Transfer Function:

Added: Now runs on an iOS device with the internal mic or a dock mic, by looping the signal generator back for the Reference Signal. Make sure to set “Device Latency” when using this feature.

Fixed: possible Delay Finder bugs.


Reference Curve: 

Added: Reference Curve option added to Impulse Response, Smaart, and Transfer Function. Buying this option once unlocks it in all modules that it is available in.



Added: Support for AudioTools Wireless


Impulse Response:

Fixed: Crashes on recalling stored files or recording a new IR.

Fixed: After recording, red bar could appear on device.

Fixed: FFT plot issue where graph could move when zooming frequency axis.

Fixed: Sometimes an FFT would fail to recompute when a stored plot was loaded.

Fixed: Triple-tap did not take reference time of window into account.



Fixed: Cursor could not go to highest frequency in some banding settings

Fixed: Recalling a file where the FFT size did not match the current size was not correct.



Added: Sweep generator added to generator pop-up.



Fixed: Plot frequency errors after rotation on iPad.


AudioTools 6.6


Wireless Support:

Added: Support for AudioTools Wireless app communications for receiving digital audio and controller a remote generator over WiFi. See new “Link” button on Input Source select screen.


Impulse Response:

Fixed: Crashes when recalling more than one saved IR.

Fixed: Missing 1-2 selector on Waterfall plots.

Fixed: Waterfall was not working on Impulse plots.

Fixed: If Waterfall was on the bottom, top mode button was incorrect.


SPL Traffic Light:

Fixed: -1000 could show before readings were valid. Now blank in this condition.

Fixed: Time selector said “4” instead of “3”.


AudioTools 6.5

Fixed: If Waterfall was on the bottom, top mode button was incorrect.


Impulse Response:

Added: 3D Waterfall graphs. See the updated Info page for Impulse Response.


SPL Traffic Light:

Added: 32 + 63Hz filter option, which covers the width of both 32Hz and 63Hz octave band filters.

Added: New option to select LEQ behavior to start a new LEQ or continue with last xx:xx time at end of LEQ time period.

Fixed: Sometimes settings were not stored on SPL Dashboard.



Added: Sometimes graph tick lines would not appear.


Transfer Function:

Fixed: Coherence blanking on magnitude trace was not working correctly.



Added: Mic description now includes 48V on/off for iAudioInterface2.



AudioTools 6.4


Impulse Response:

Added: Windowing to ETC. Gated windows may now be added, see help screen (available from setup) for full details.

Added: FFT pan and zoom added. Also added fields on setup to set graph scales.

Added: FFT Sum option. An FFT is created that is the arithmetic dB sum of two IRs that are on the screen.

Added: ETC and Impulse plots may be zoomed down to the single sample.

Added: Reference Curves are now also available in Impulse Response.

Added: Triple-tap to zoom to current windowed ETC.

Fixed: C50 & C80 computation could freeze app.

Fixed: Dropbox import now working from Setup screen.

Fixed: Bug in correction curve frequencies corrected.


Transfer Function:

Added: Baseline time delay option. When set, subsequent measurements delays can be shown relative to this time.

Fixed: Possible crash on delay finder.



Fixed: If low frequency range is selected at start, no plot would appear.


Smaart Spectrum:

Fixed: FFT update speed improved.

Fixed: dB ranges could change going into setup.

Fixed: Now cursor may be dragged off screen to the left.


Reference Curves:

Added: Reference Curves are now also available in Impulse Response.

Fixed: Bug in correction curve frequencies corrected.


AudioTools 6.3


Reference Curves:

Fixed: Recalling a reference curve could change the mic compensation in effect

Added: Import reference curves from Dropbox


Save / Recall:

Fixed: Sometimes first file in browse picker would not be recalled unless the picker was moved.


SPL Graph:
Fixed: Playing audio after recalling an SPL Graph file with a different audio type than current would not work.

Added: Volume boost slider on setup page, to increase volume of playback.


Mic Calibration:
Added: Files may be imported from Dropbox.


Impulse Response:

Added:  Increased Impulse recording time to 100 seconds to allow for more recording cases.

Added: Import IR from Dropbox feature.


Smaart Spectrum:

Fixed: FFT updates were running choppy in some cases.

Fixed: Bug where an extra decay picker might appear.

Fixed: Possible crash when saving in Peak Hold mode.

Added: Setup fields for screen graph scales.



Added: Setup fields for screen graph scales.



Added: Setup fields for screen graph scales.


Transfer Function:

Added: Setup fields for screen graph scales.


Amplitude Sweep:

Added: Setup fields for screen graph scales.


AudioTools 6.2



Updated:  All calibration SPL and compensation curves were updated for all new Apple devices, such as iPhone 5S and iPad Air, and also all older devices were checked and adjusted if needed.


Smaart Spectrum:

Fixed: FFT updates were running too slowly causing a choppy display.


In-App Purchases:
Added: Button to restore purchase was added to the pop-up that appears when you tap the un-purchased module.


AudioTools 6.1



New: Now you can select between a new, bright theme, similar to iOS 7. Just go to Settings->General in the app, and turn on High Contrast Mode for the bright white screens, or turn it off for the dark theme.


New: Built for iOS 7.


New: Retina graphics implemented on all graph screens.


New: Updated mic calibration for iPhone 5, 5C, and 5S.


New: Improved frame rate on older devices.

Fixed: Mic compensation was not being added to recalled files.


Smaart Spectrum:
New: Improved graphics update speed.


Amplitude Sweep:
New: Now includes graph scale fields on the setup page. These work even if the graph is locked.


Impulse Response:
New: Added T20 measurement and graph screen.



New: Added mic calibration import / export for iAudioInterface2.

Improved mic calibration screen operation.


Reference Curves:

New: Added the ability to use any store file as a graph reference file.

Fixed: Reference files were inverted on the screen.



New: Added % overlap on setup page.

New: Added resolution display on setup and main pages.
Fixed: “Set as screen title” now works correctly.

Fixed: Mic compensation was not being added to recalled files.


SPL Graph:
Fixed: Mic compensation was not being added to recalled files.

Fixed: Data points were not saving in Dropbox file.


Fixed: Generator now always starts in sine mode.



AudioTools 6.0



Fixed: Frame rate now back to normal for smooth updates.


SPL Graph:

Fixed: Second by second data points now being saved in XLS files.


RTA, FFT, Others:

Fixed: Mic compensation curve now applied to recalled files (was broken in 5.8).



Added: Now shows FFT resolution in Hz on the setup screen, and the main graph.

Added: FFT % Overlap control added on setup page. Higher overlaps make for smoother, more stable graphs that have better recognition of tonal components, while lower overlaps will find transient components better.


Fixed: Changing a name or description on iPad and exiting the page without hitting done now saves the new name / description change.


AudioTools 5.9



Fixed: Crash on launch when running any iOS version earlier than 6.0.



Added: Export / Import of microphone calibration files when using iAudioInterface2.



Fixed: Problem in the RC noise curve overlay

Added: Adds N, R, V and H (Normal, Rumble, Vibration, and Hiss) indication.


AudioTools 5.8


WARNINGBuild error causing crash on launch on iOS earlier than 6. Update to 5.9.



Dropbox: Added Dropbox support (free)

Reference Curves: Added Reference Curve option in RTA, FFT, Amplitude Sweep, and Impedance Sweep.



Fixed: Changing Spectrograph speed no longer causes choppy display

Fixed: Double-tapping screen could show white spectrograph



Fixed: Removing device no longer shows “iTestMic Removed”



Added: Peak Decay bars option


AudioTools 5.7



XLS Files: Added AudioTools version number to header of all files.

Autosave: Naming bugs fixed

FixedFRD Files: 20kHz offset value ignored.

FixedGenerator: (All) Generator is distorted after waking from background



Added: dB levels on spectrograph limit lines

Fixed: dB levels different compared to RTA for line input with iAudioInterface2

Fixed Could not select iAudioInterface low or high line in gain range


Amplitude Sweep: 

FixedGenerator gets stuck on.



Fixed: GPS coordinates not always saved.



Fixed: GPS coordinates not always saved.


: Quick save not operational.


SPL Graph:

Added: Quick save not operational.

Fixed: dB levels different compared to RTA for line input with iAudioInterface2

Fixed: Active input could be changed when recalling a graph

Fixed: Graph lock inconsistencies


SPL Dashboard:
FixedSPL Graph Initial 1/3 Octave Band frequency labels incorrect.

Fixed SPL Pro weighting picker button opens stop SPL graph dialogue.

FixedCannot Change Weighting on SPL Pro

FixedSPL Pro Leq Timer off

FixedSPL Pro and Stop Light Leq Timer offs



Fixed: GPS coordinates not always saved, or displayed incorrectly.


AudioTools 5.6



Improved GUI: Now all GUI plot screens have been simplified, removing images of metal frames.


Impulse Response:

Fixed: Corrected a bug in the T30 (RT60) delay time calculation that was causing values that were too high.

Fixed: Schroeder plot would not be correct for 2nd recalled IR.

Fixed: Selecting “Clear Graph” now removes all plots.

Fixed: After running Delay Finder in Transfer Function, an IR would always load when starting Impulse Response. Now there is an option to ignore or delete this file.

Changed: Moved dots on Schroeder plot to show actual end points for calculations.

Fixed: Clip display and reset in recording fixed.


SPL Graph:

Fixed: Ln numbers not correct if time per point was not 1 second.

Fixed: Possible crash on saving or recalling files.


SPL Dashboard:

Fixed: Auto-save in SPL Graph module would not work unless a manual save was done first.

Fixed: When filter is switched in SPL Pro, LEQ is reset.


Amplitude Sweep:
Fixed: Sweep could ramp up at start, causing apparent LF rolloff.

Fixed: Ln values were being stored in XLS file even if they were turned off.

Changed: Now allows scrolling graph when graph scale is locked.


Impedance Sweep:

Fixed: Sweep could ramp up at start, causing apparent LF rolloff.



Added: Now allows turning off input (on Input Source page) to allow viewing stored plots without seeing the live plot.



Added: Now allows turning off input (on Input Source page) to allow viewing stored plots without seeing the live plot.

Fixed: Now all noise curves plots shift depending on the filter mode, Octave or 1/3 Octave.


AudioTools 5.5



Fixed: App was not showing up in iTunes file sharing.

Changed: All XLS files now include a header line with the name of the module that stored the file.



Added: Help system and video updates.

Fixed: Difference mode display was not correct.

Added: Normalize Plots switch. Causes the recalled plot to stay pinned to the live plot at 1000 Hz.

Fixed: STC was broken in 5.4


SPL Graph:

Fixed: Pausing a recording would cause a loss of recorded data.



AudioTools 5.4


New Free Module: CLF Viewer:

A new main menu has been added, “Design”. This is the beginning of a number of new modules, the first is our CLF Viewer. This reads the industry-standard loudspeaker specification files produced under the guidelines of 


Download manufacturer files onto your device, and compare features. 


SPL Graph:

Added: New 3D graph for the Octave and 1/3 Octave modes. 

Added: SPL Event notifications. Now get an email when a preset SPL level is exceeded for a certain amount of time.

Added: Time resolution mode, 0.1 seconds per graph bar.

Added: Audio Monitor switch added to new Notifications setup page.

Fixed: SPL Dashboard setup page, time limits were in units of hh:mm, changed to match main SPL Graph setup page, mm:ss.

Fixed: Double-tap to normalize screen did not take plot line into account in Octave and 1/3 Octave modes.


SPL Pro:

Fixed: Overload indicator was not functioning.


SPL Meter:

Fixed: Overload indicator was not functioning.



Added: Now if “Normalize Plots” is turned on, recalled plots will be scaled to match the real-time plot.

Added: New Support video.

Fixed: Sweep did not run to end.



Added: New Support video.

Added: Audio Monitor switch added to RTA setup page.

Fixed: Adjusted hearing threshold line when RTA plot is A or C weighted.

Generators: (All)

Added: Frequencies below 100 Hz now show Hz to 0.1 Hz resolution.

Added: All pop-up generators now use soft on / off.



Fixed: Graph limits are no longer reset when recalling a graph.

Fixed: Lock screen no longer interacts with Transfer Function lock screen mode.


Added: New module, “Rate this app”. Help support development and let others know what you think.


AudioTools 5.3



Added: Background operation


AudioTools now supports full background audio mode. iOS 6.1 or later recommended for best results.


AudioTools also now mixes audio with other apps. This allows you to play a song in the Music player for example, and switch to AudioTools to analyze the laying song.


Also, it is now much quicker to look at a file in an external viewer from the Save / Recall screen. After viewing the file, you jump right back into AudioTools on the Save / Recall screen.


If AudioTools is processing audio, when you switch away from it you will see a red bar on top of the screen. To get rid of the red bar, switch back to AudioTools, and stop the audio processing or exit back to the menus.


Added: Files can be opened in external viewers from iPhone and iPod touch. Previously this was available only in iPad.



Added: Calibration trim for left / right channel input in stereo mode.


USB Audio Devices:

Fixed: Calibration was not saved correctly



Fixed: Restored frequency scale to some graphs

Fixed: Decimal point more consistent on XLS output

Fixed: Vertical Pan / Zoom now easier to engage

Added: Now allows display of weighted SPL on more iOS devices


Impulse Response:

Fixed: Missing file title on iPad

Fixed: Removed extraneous text on iPhone setup screen

Fixed: Made Record IR screens consistent between iPhone and iPad

Fixed: Single plot could be missing X-axis labels

Fixed: Possible memory bug causing crash

Fixed: Graph drawing logic now correct

Changed: More descriptive error messages


SPL Graph:

Fixed: App could sleep in background if delayed start was selected

Fixed: When running in SPL Dashboard initial graph could be missing

Fixed: Filters corrected in SPL Dashboard


Transfer Function:
Added: Option to turn off phase plot smoothing

Added: A & C Weighting selection to more iOS devices



Fixed: Vertical Pan / Zoom now easier to engage

Fixed: Low frequency mode graph is more stable now when zoomed

Added: A & C Weighting selection to more iOS devices

Added: Linear frequency scale option



Fixed: Vertical Pan / Zoom now easier to engage

Fixed: STC calculation error corrected

Fixed: Band frequencies corrected when running at 44.1kHz sample rate. Since the bands are derived from filters, the displayed frequencies are shifted. The correct frequencies are now shown.


Changed: Surround pop file now  has an extra 2 seconds at the start to allow receivers to lock to it. To replace your old sample file, you will need to delete all surround files from the Surround Generator setup page.



Added: THD+n is no longer limited to a few frequencies, it now auto-tunes to the dominant frequency.


Speaker Distortion:

Added: No longer limited to a few frequencies, it now auto-tunes to the dominant frequency.



Added: Burst mode options. A burst time and repeat time may be entered on the landscape Generator page.

Fixed: Upside down mode fixed in iPhone

Fixed: Starting flat in iPhone would cause dials to misbehave



Added: Standard Deviation added to Pro Mode.

Added: Delete button to remove a measurement (Pro Mode)


Support Menu:
Added: What’s New menu option


Impedance Sweep:
Added: Difference mode. Compare a stored plot with a new plot

Added: Multiple plot overlays

Fixed: Cleaned up setup page GUI on iPad



Added: Remaining recording time calculated and shown. If space gets very low recorder will stop.


AudioTools 5.2


iAudioInterface2 and iTestMic:

Fixed: Communication errors when running iOS 6.1.



Fixed: Opening Spectrograph in single-window mode now shows frequency scale.


Impulse Response:

Fixed: GUI text clipping issue

Fixed: Improved S/N ratio, allows better results with signals above -25 dBFS

Fixed: Zooming ETC too far could cause a crash

Fixed: Trimming IR on recalled file could crash

Fixed: Horizontal cursor could bleed into upper display in split mode

Fixed: “Loading” message could show with no file loaded

Fixed: Minimum record time would not update if excitation signal changed

Fixed: Upper graph in split mode would not always update

Fixed: Tapping “Deconvolve” to quickly could cause a crash

Fixed: FFT slope corrected by 3 dB/octave


Save / Recall:

Added: Support for all legal characters in any language



Fixed: Dials may not spin correctly if started on a flat surface


Added: Auto-tuning of test signal frequency


Speaker Distortion:

Added: Auto-tuning of test signal frequency


AudioTools 5.1



Added: Plot averaging option, if multiple plots are recalled.


Amplitude Sweep:

Added: Plot averaging option, if multiple plots are recalled.


Impedance Sweep:

Added: Plot averaging option, if multiple plots are recalled.


Impulse Response:

Added: Double-tap ETC to zoom out to full graph

Added: Recalling second plot overlays on FFT


SPL Graph: (On SPL Dashboard)

Fixed: Changing control did not change graph


AudioTools 5.0


SPL Pro:

Fixed: Changing from LEQ to other modes caused the value to spike


SPL Graph:
Fixed: Incorrect readings for A-wtd in octave logging mode


Fixed: SPL values did not match other modules

Fixed: STC did not support RW mode



Fixed: Calibration file issue

Added: Multiple plot overlay


Amplitude Sweep:

Added: Multiple plot overlay


Line Level:
Improved GUI


Impedance Sweep:

Added: Multiple plot overlay

Fixed: Export to XLS on iPad

Fixed: Driver parameters not recalled



Fixed: Could cause crash on recall


Fixed: Gain control was missing


Added: Default mic cal value, set to 94.0, can be changed on Settings-General page



Added: Option for leaving the file server running at all times. Turning this on allows downloading files from a PC/Mac browser even while the module is running.


AudioTools 4.9



Fixed: Improved iPad mic compensation

Fixed: Improved handling of audio device changes while app is running

Fixed: Better handling of calibration and USB Audio devices

Added: General Settings option for limiting sample rate to 44.1kHz

Fixed: In-app purchase receipt validation could fail

Fixed: Now checks photo-roll permissions and warns if not allowed

Added: Unlocks standalone modules bought separately: FFT, SPL Pro, SPL graph, Smaart Spectrum, STIPA.

Added: Support for iPhone 5 screen

Added: iTestMic frequency compensation file



Fixed: THD dB level meters could be wrong


Audio Scope:

Fixed: Time base errors when saving from iPad


Added: iPhone, portrait mode, added Mono/Bal buttons


Smaart Tools:

Fixed: Recalling files saved with different hardware connected than current now display correctly.


SPL Dashboard:
Fixed: Go from A to C on SPL Meter, could show -999


SPL Pro:

Fixed: LEQ was running too fast

Fixed: Graphics bugs on iPhone

Fixed: Crashes in SPL Dashboard when Store button is pressed


SPL Graph:

Fixed: Recalling files saved with different hardware connected than current now display correctly.

Added: Allows selecting line input, then shows dBu scale

Fixed: Logging data points could not be saved to XLS file



Fixed: Scrolling browse picker with no files could crash

Added: Tapping OK after choosing a file to recall goes directly back to main screen

Added: Import files function



Fixed: Slight adjustment of STI values

Fixed: Improved A-wtd filter

Added: Scaled explanation for A-F values

Fixed: Erratic playback with iTestMic or iAudioInterface2 attached



Fixed: Recalling files saved with different hardware connected than current now display correctly.

Added: Reset Max/Min bars button



Fixed: Peak mode not cleared by button

Fixed: Recalling files saved with different hardware connected than current now display correctly.

Fixed: Clearing the graph did not erase the file name from the screen


Transfer Function:
Fixed: Delay Finder did not always return correct values


Added: 5.1 signal files



AudioTools 4.0:



 Added: Pink Noise Generator, with option for surround pink noise at -20

 Fixed: skins not changing after setup

 Added: Aluminum and dark metal skins for iPad



 Fixed label alignment on the Ohm’s Law calculator

 Added inches field to Delay calculator.

 Added: Average / sum selector for dB calculator



 Minor change to algorithm

 Forces removal of previous signals & constants

 Changed: Colors on color chart changed to match industry standard

 Added: small numbers to color chart

 Removed: User signal calibration


SPL Meter (iPad)

 Fixed: dB scale, -5 repainted to -4



 Fixed: pass-through mode was chaos

 Fixed: extra field showing…

 Changed: moved overlay curve location -6dB in 1/3 octave mode

 Added: dot to each octave center point on all overlay curves

 Added: NC value displayed on screen



 Fixed: Lock Graph got turned on by Smaart Tools

 Fixed: low mode with USB Audio or iAudioInterface2 installed

 EPPO, do all FFTs every time with whatever new (circular) data is available

 Changed: Updated decay rates for multiple devices

Smaart Tools I

 Fixed: Small db value moved up to bar

 Fixed: Smaart iPad was missing RTA Bars & FFT mode


 Add option for changing cursor metrics to time and level offsets, from RT60


Impulse Response

  Added: relative ms and distance to cursor 2


iOS 3.xx

 SPL Graph and SPL Traffic Light would crash on start for older iOS versions


 Added: Presets for sweeps


 Added: hi/lo mic range switch for iOS 5 mics

Mic Cal

 Added: detailed mic cal instructions if iAI2 is installed

 Added: pop-up to configuration page: warning

 Added: Selected input source is now gold

Audio Scope

 Fixed inconsistent mic settings text, in Mono, Mic only mode


AudioTools 3.9:


Fixed: Crash in SmaartTools when changing graph type.


AudioTools 3.8:



 -Streamlined orientation changes in SPL Meter and SPL Pro

 -Updated mic gain in iOS5 for iPad, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 3

 -Fixed iAudioInterface low gain issue


AudioTools 3.7:



 * Added STIPA speech intelligibility module



 * Improved orientation handling

 * Built for iOS 5 (Note: iOS 5 improves audio input quality and provides gain control for most devices)

 * Added High and Low mic ranges on iOS 5 for devices that support this


Save / Recall:

 * Added: After entering a file name, a  “Store” / “Cancel” dialog box appears



 Changed: Disabled DC stripping, now in iAI2 firmware

 Added: Now discovers accessories while app is running

 Fixed: Level Meter and Phase Meter would always crash on audio route change

 Fixed: Blank space would appear below status bar after returning to menu from several functions



 Fixed: graph could get zoomed in or out too far

 Fixed: dB labels could disappear on spectrum graph, iphone



 Added: Max and Min now saved in XLS file, if enabled

 Added: Start of measure is delayed to prevent picking up tapping noise

 Added: If Average decay mode is selcted, Max and Min bars reset at delayed start

 Added: In Average mode, last 1/2 sec of response is ignored for max / min bars and average to remove button tap noise

 Added: Demo video added to Video Center

 Changed: Cursor only to RTA band center frequencies

 Changed: Max & Min bars now store actual max and min while in average mode

 Changed: Double-tap now also clears averaging and max / min bars


  – clear max / min one sec after start, if averaging was also cleared — not after just a pause / run

  – double tap to clear averaging (all), and max / min bars


SPL Traffic Light

 * Fixed crash on second setup screen invocation


 * Fixed: Changing frequency in THD test crashed in iOS5.



 * Sweep, Play / Pause did not go back to play image after stop.

 * Upgraded for iAudioInterface2



 * Added input device range indicator


AudioTools 3.5:



 Fixed: Now fully iOS 5 audio compliant

 Fixed: Now correctly identifying Verizon iPhone 4 for mic compensation 

 Fixed: Memory deallocation issues, could cause graphics issues in FFT and Smaart Tools


Delay Finder:

 Fixed: Delay Finder, Keyboard text field access broken in iPad Delay Finder? (CND)



 Fixed: Top graph choice button in spectro stayed on the screen in single mode

 Added: Fast / Slow option to overall SPL in Smaart I 

 Fixed: For iAudioInterface users, Smaart I may now use the line input

 Fixed: Improved FFT stability, for sine wave signals

 Fixed: iPad portrait mode could start with partial graph


SPL Meter:

 Fixed: Graphics fixes on iPad for selected input


SPL Graph:

 Added: option to play sound at end of timed run

 Added: Recalled file name now shows on graph 


SPL Traffic Light

 Added: Full-screen color option

 Fixed: In setup, initial picker could be in the wrong place on iPad


SPL Dashboard

 Fixed: numeric text entry fields, screen could move in wrong direction



 Added: Transmission Loss module

 Fixed:  Generator switch could get out of sync



 Fixed: FFT could oscillate with some input signals

 Fixed: Pop-up generator could show sine and play pink noise, initially

 Fixed: After changing sample rates, pop-generator displays wrong freq.

 Fixed: Peak frequency reading is now more accurate

 Fixed: Talk-through now correctly follows input source

 Added: Now shows actual running sample rate



 Added: Time cursors to measure wavelength and compute frequency

 Fixed: Time scale on iPad was wrong

 Fixed: Overall level field was not showing

 Fixed: Channel mode was not showing

 Fixed: Moved input field down off bar

 Fixed: Improved accuracy of peak frequency reading


Impedance Sweep:

 Fixed: Would not stop if pause were pressed while running


Impulse Response:

 Fixed: Manually stopping playback in the record screen left record disabled

 Fixed: dBFS value was low on record screen



 Added: Support for multiple user-defined mic calibrations

 Added: Support to save config settings on exit

 Fixed: Improved auto-range support

 Fixed: Changed calibration constants for line input