Because of the wide variety of audio applications in AudioTools, many educational institutions at the high school, specialty college, and at the university-level use our tools for teaching concepts in audio.

Studio Six Digital supports educational institutions by enrolling our apps in the Apple Educational Discount Program, and by providing special discounts on hardware purchases, such as iTestMic2, iAudioInterface2, and iPrecisionMic. 

All of our apps are available at 50% off when purchased through the Apple Educational program, but this discount does not apply to in-app purchases. Because of this, we have created a special version of AudioTools with all of the modules unlocked. This app, called AudioToolsMax, is also available at 50% off, which works out to $199 or the current equivalent in most cases. If you do not have access to the Apple Educational Program, please contact us directly.

The hardware discount applies to one unit of each of our products per student or educator, and the order must be placed with a special PO number that will be supplied to an educational institution by Studio Six Digital. Please contact us for more information about specific hardware pricing, and how to get a PO number for your educational institution.