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Problems with in-app purchases? See our page on troubleshooting in-app purchase problems. 

iPad Pro (USB C models) Now Approved for USB Audio

Troubleshooting In-App Purchase and Standalone App Issues

NOTE: Make sure that you are running AudioTools 9.1 or later, as earlier versions cannot restore or validate in-app purchases.

AudioTools uses a system of in-app purchases as the mechanism to add modules to the basic app. This system works well, as Apple keeps track of all of the purchases and they carry forward to new or additional iOS devices that you may purchase later, but some situations can cause confusion and may result in accidental double purchases. …

AudioTools User Guide

This User Guide was created by our Australian distributor

AudioTools Manual Rev 7.2 July 2017

AudioTools Blog

We will keep this blog up to date with the latest info on compatibility with our hardware and apps.

iOS 10, 9, 9.3, and iPhone 6S Updates

iOS 10.0

We have discovered an issue with iOS 10 and iTestMic, iPrecisionMic, and iAudioInterface2. 

If you have more than just the AudioTools App installed on your iOS device, iOS 10 will attempt to start all of the Studio Six Digital audio apps at the same time. This causes problems with communications with the accessory, and also causes the red recording bar to appear on the top of the screen.

We have notified Apple about this issue. The only workaround for now is to delete apps so that only one Studio Six Digital audio app is installed.

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

We have an update coming very soon to support these devices.

iOS 9.0 and 9.3

Upgrade to AudioTools 8.7 and iOS 9.3 or later for best operation. Apple had addressed a number of audio issues in iOS 9.3. Please update to iOS 9.3 and AudioTools 8.7 or later.

iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus Issues


Fixed in AudioTools 7.9.


Also, Apple changed the audio converter chips, and the new converters do not support gain changes, or at any rate Apple does not allow us to change the gain from software, as they did before. Thus, there is only one gain range available for these devices. This limits the maximum SPL that can be read. On my iPhone 6S Plus the limit is about 105 dB SPL.

Also, apparently they don't allow arbitrary audio sample rate changes, and what's worse, they do not correctly report the running sample rate of the device. I believe this is a bug, and we have filed a bug report with Apple directly. This causes problems with the FFT in Low Range, STIPA, and several modules including RTA if you select or use the 44.1k sample rate. We have come up with a workaround that will fix this bug in the next AudioTools release which is coming soon.

There is no fix in sight for the gain range issue.

Check this page often, as we will change it as we get more information, or when the next AudioTools update is available.

What’s New

What's New for the Studio Six Digital App Suite

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AudioTools 15.3

March 18, 2022

-Selector for Mono/Balanced on Global Audio page fixed

-Smaart Spectrum large dB and Hz didn’t show on white backgrounds


If you are running AudioTools, and your iOS device is setup to send email, please open the AudioTools app, and navigate to the Support->Email Support page, and send your request from that page. The Email Support page sends us vital information about your app, iOS version, and device type, and other system details that will help us give you the best support possible.

Tech Support

Check out our general support FAQ here. Most problems can be resolved quickly right here. 

Also check out the video center in AudioTools, and the Info that is present in the modules themselves. Often this page is accessed from the Setup page of the module.


Now Available: AudioTools 7.3.14 is on the App Store, which includes support for AudioTools Wireless. Includes our new Task Scheduler option. Recommended update!

New! Go Wireless!

AudioTools Wireless is now available! The app functions as a wireless microphone and a remote-controlled generator for AudioTools and other Studio Six Digital apps.  


Welcome to our new blog! We’ve added a number of entries to get us up to date. Subscribe to see the latest from Studio Six Digital

Now Available: AudioTools 6.9

AudioTools 6.9 is on the App Store, which includes support for recalling and displaying multiple plots in Smaart Spectrum and Transfer function, and more.

New! Go Wireless!

AudioTools Wireless is now available! The app functions as a wireless microphone and a remote-controlled generator for AudioTools and other Studio Six Digital apps.  

AudioTools Wireless uses the local WiFi network to send uncompressed digital audio and calibration data to AudioTools running on another iOS device.

Connect iTestMic, iAudioInterface2, or any other audio source to an iOS device running AudioTools Wireless, and connect to that mic over WiFi from another iOS device on the same network.



Here are downloads that are available from Studio Six Digital. Click the icon to download the file to your computer.

iAudioInterface User Manual

iAudioInterface2 User Guide 12V

iAudioInterface2 User Guide 5V

IR Signals

iTestMic User Guide_1_1.pdf

Speaker Pop Signal -- AC3

Speaker Pop

Speaker Pop Test Signal .wav format

Speaker Pop Test Signal .wav format