ios lightning extenders

iOS Lightning Extenders

Apple does not recommend the use of Lightning extender cables. We also do not recommend their use, and we do not guarantee that any of our products will work with them. However, we have seen them being used in the field, and we can report on what other people have found using them.

First, apparently most extenders will work with iTestMic, iTestMic2, iAudioInterface2, and iPrecisionMic. Users have send us these comments:

  • You have to first plug the Studio Six Digital product into the extender cable, and then plug the whole system into the iOS device. Doing it the other way will not work.
  • The iOS device will still charge in most cases, however, the voltage may be too low due to voltage drop across the extender.
  • Some cables that have been found to work include the 6′ dockXtender from CableJive, the 6′ white cable from Cellurarize, and the 6′ white cable from Aceyon.
  • We had one customer tell us they were able to plug 3 extenders in series and the iPrecisionMic still worked. I’m not sure that this is a good idea!

Please note that this is not an endorsement or recommendation from Studio Six Digital, rather we are passing on what we have heard from our users. Please understand that your experience may vary as the extenders are not supported by Apple.