We have a large and loyal customer base, here are some comments that we have received:




“I’m specialist from VENUE here in brazil we

have a lot clients and now everybody uses iPad

to control the console and now I will suggest to use

AudioTools, I liked so much, with Smaart Tools now I leave my setup with PC in home.”

Kalunga Carlos Branco

specialist Venue consoles Brazil




“Firstly, I’d like to thank you all for the great products you have developed to date – fabulous work. I use the apps all the time, very useful…”

Will Davy

Account Manager

Norwest Productions

Sydney – Brisbane – Melbourne – Auckland – Wellington – Beijing





“I did a tune up on a major line array today and it did a huge job. This is simply amazing EVEN with the internal mic. I am doing a sold out comedy show tonight with a new national artist and did the system tuneup ONLY with this and I am flabbergasted as how great this sounds tonight. Great job. Keep me in the loop on the interface and the 2 channel module. I am in for sure.”

Sid Gattis

Gattis Pro Audio Inc.




“We are an acoustical consultancy that has been using your iPod Touch / iPhone audio interface for some weeks now. This email is to say that the interface, plus your Audio Tools software, is absolutely fantastic. We have purchased three sets of Audio Tools and can confirm the programs work perfectly with an iPod Touch 1st generation and iPhones running both OS3 and OS4. The hardware has allowed us to calibrate the system to an extent that we are now confident of the readings using the inbuilt microphones. For most of our work the microphone supplied with the interface is more than adequate. We have used a class 1 microphone and preamplifier but the added cost and complexity did not provide any significant improvement, other than the ability to achieve an extended range to 20 dB and the ability to test the system with an IEC measurement microphone.


Best regards

Bob Thorne

Noise Measurement Services Pty Ltd Brisbane Australia”





“Thanks for keeping me informed!  That attention to detail and to customers is what makes your company first choice.  

I’m going to use this as a positive example in my marketing class!”





“The iAudioInterface I ordered has arrived and is working well. Solid piece of gear. Thanks a bundle.”




And from our Amazon store:



5Best Audio Gear to come out this year!!!!!!  Jul 31, 2010

The iAudioInterface, used with AudioTools, is incredible. It works as advertised and I have found it indispensable at events, installs, and in the studio. I highly recommend it.”




This is one cool tool. I haven’t been a fan of Apple since the 6502 but this app made me purchase the Itouch. 

Not quite like my AP dual domain, MLSSA, LMS, etc but it fits in a little bag in one hand.

The hardware is also nicely done. Good work from the people at Studio Six!”





iAudiointerface  Jul 30, 2010

The iAudiointerface is a great add-on for professional use of the iPod touch.

It’s good for recording and calib. measurement.”




AudioTools Featured in Apple iPad Video

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What’s New

USB-C Cable for iAudioInterface

Now available for connection to iPads with USB-C ports.

Transmission Loss

Now available for monitoring live sound audio levels, with email notifications.

Gated Noise RT60

Now available for monitoring live sound audio levels, with email notifications.

Weatherproof Case

Our new mullit-purpose case for iAudioInterface2 or iPrecisionMic is now in stock. Holds iPhone or iPad mini.