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Now compatible with all Lightning and USB-C iOS/iPadOS devices and other USB-A and USB-C devices. 

Now supports iPad Pro and iPad Air with USB-C!

iAudioInterface2 has these major features:

  • 48V Phantom-powered XLR microphone input, with up to 50dB of gain**
  • Balanced line input for transfer function measurements
  • Balanced line output for signal generation
  • Toslink digital audio output, mirrors line out at full level, also supports Dolby Digital 5.1 AC3 and DTS ES 6.1 test signals (optional in AudioTools)
  • Internal li-ion battery, draws no power from your device
  • When charging with the included universal power external adapter, also charges your attached iOS device (some iPads excluded, USB-C cable does not provide charging).
  • Digital audio link to iOS device for lowest noise, and best quality. Uses our own A/D converters and DAC with precision USB audio clock recovery.
  • Compatible with Lightning iOS devices, USB-C iPadOS devices, and Mac & PC computers using the included USB interface cable.

iAI2 is the perfect companion for AudioTools and the Transfer Function module, for loudspeaker testing, and as a general-purpose audio tester. It also works with many iOS audio Apps, including Garageband, Skype, SignalScope, Multi-Track Recorder, and more.

With the included USB-C cable, as well as the new Apple iPads and iPhones, you can use iAudioInterface2 with your favorite PC or Mac-based audio software. Just download our free Mac-based control app to setup iAudioInterface2, or set it up in AudioTools on your iOS device before using it.

You can also use iAudioInterface2 with our AudioTools Wireless app for remotely sending microphone audio to AudioTools running on another iOS device.

Compare our iTestMic2 with iAudioInterface2.

**Microphone is not included with iAudioInterface2

Price: $449.99 US Price              Shipping status: Now shipping from stock