iTestMic2 USB-C and iTestMic2 Lightning

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Second-generation iTestMic with Audio Output

iTestMic2 is a complete redesign of our popular iTestMic iOS test and measurement microphone, with improved dynamic range, individual frequency compensation files, automatic calibration, and lower noise floor. Originally designed for Apple Lightning connector devices, we are now offering our iTestMic2 in both Lightning and  USB-C equipped versions.

Either model is the perfect upgrade from the internal iOS iPhone or iPad microphone, and when used with AudioTools, provides a complete test & measurement platform for many use cases.

Which Model to Buy?

Since USB-C is being used more now, we recommend buying the USB-C model. If you have a mix of Lightning and USB-C Apple devices, you can use iTestMic2 USB-C with both. For the USB-C devices,  just plug it in directly, and for the Lightning devices, the Apple USB-C Camera Connection Kit adapter allows direct use. Make sure you buy the Apple-branded adapter, Apple Camera Connection Kit. Plug iTestMic2 USB C into the Apple CCK USB A port with the included C to A adapter. Order the SD2017 here.

Alternatively, if you have all or mostly Lightning equipped devices, or you want the built-in Lightning charger, you can buy the Lightning iTestMic2 and use the Apple Lighting to USB-C adapter for your USB-C devices. This model is the SD2016.

Device Charging

iTestMic2 Lightning includes an AC adapter and can charge the attached Lightning device directly.

Due to USB-C power delivery accessory issues, iTestMic2 USB-C does not support direct device charging. If you require charging for long-term use cases, you can use any typical USB-C hub that provides USB-C charging. The iTestMic2 USB-C will work fine through a hub. Note that iTestMic2 is powered from the attached device, and does not require an external charger.

An example of a compatible USB C hub is the Anker Series 3 PowerExpand 7+, and most similar devices will also work. To check whether a hub will work, make sure it is a “fast charger” and is rated at 35 Watts or greater.

Using the iTestMic2 USB-C with Mac and Other Systems

iTestMic2 USB-C works with Macs, and with AudioTools on Macs equipped with an M1 or M2 chip, although only the low range is available, and the calibration must be entered manually. The same is true for other platforms, including Android and Windows devices.


To purchase an iTestMic2 Lightning or USB-C model, contact your distributor or check the online store. The model number for this product is SD2017.

iTestMic2 has these features:

  • Plugs Directly into the USB-C or Lightning port of iPhone, iPad, or other device
  • Direct-connect, bypasses all analog electronics using a digital audio link
  • On-board high-precision Analog Electronics
  • A high-resolution analog preamp, regulated low-noise power supply, Analog-Digital Converter (ADC), and Digital-Analog Converter (DAC) are used for precision measurements and audio quality.

Factory Calibrated

We hand-calibrate every iTestMic2 at the factory using a Class One calibrator. This calibration is stored in the microphone and is recalled automatically when you plug it into AudioTools. At any time, you may use a standard 1/2″ nominal calibrator and check or adjust the calibration.

Frequency Calibration Files

In addition to level calibration, each microphone gets its own frequency compensation file during production at our US facility, comparing it to our Class 1 iPrecisionMic. The frequency calibration files are then downloaded directly into the AudioTools app from our server. These files are also available for use on other platforms.

Analog Output


iTestMic2 includes a 3.5mm stereo analog audio output jack for test signals as well as general purpose audio output. Note that this is a full-level output and does not respond to iOS level controls.


Professional Test & Measurement Microphone

The 1/2″ nominal diameter microphone has been designed to minimize high-frequency diffraction effects for the flattest frequency response.
iTestMic2 has 2 gain ranges to support a wide 25-124dBA SPL range.
The microphone capsule and electronics provide an extremely flat response,with low frequency response to 10Hz for accurate measurements below the audible audio range.


iTestMic2 has many uses, since it transforms any compatible iOS device into a professional sound level meter and sound analysis system.

  • Concert sound monitoring
  • Home theater audio tuning
  • Community noise studies
  • House of worship sound monitoring, system setup, and troubleshooting
  • Audiophile system analysis and correction