Concert Sound Monitoring

Use the Dual SPL Traffic Light with iTestMic2 for reliable, calibrated SPL levels. Use the included AC adapter to provide power to the iOS device for long-term monitoring.

Home Theater Audio Tuning

Use LARSA, Transfer Function with the Delay Finder, Polarity Tester, and other modules to tune and troubleshoot your system for optimum results. The 3.5mm output jack will supply the test signals.

Community Noise Studies

iTestMic2 is the ideal input device SPL Graph when Class 2 results are desired. For Class 1, use iPrecisionMic.

House of Worship Sound Monitoring, System Setup, and Troubleshooting

Plug iTestMic2 into your iOS device and get instantly calibrated readings. Use it with SPL Traffic Light, RTA, FFT, Impulse Response, or SPL Graph to set up and troubleshoot the system, and then use it during the service to monitor SPL levels.

Audiophile System Analysis and Correction

iTestMic2 is the perfect companion to LARSA. Use the analog output jack on iTestMic2 as the source for the swept sine chirp signal.