Remote Powering Iprecisionm

Remote Powering iPrecisionMic

iPrecisionMic may be used in locations where AC power is not available, such as a field noise monitoring site. This application note describes one possible powering solution, using a solar power panel. Also see our app note on Setting up an iPhone for Remote Noise Logging.
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  • Solar Panel
  • Solar Power Controller
  • 12V Lead Acid Battery
  • 5V Power Converter
  • Power plug for iPrecisionMic, USB  to 1.8mm pin +
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The solar panel output is connected to the solar panel controller, which sends power to the 12V battery to keep it charged. The 5V Power Converter is also connected to the solar power controller. (see image below)
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The 5V Power converter has a USB female Type A connector, which accepts the iPrecisionMic USB Power Cable. This cable plugs into the bottom of the iPrecisionMic and provides regulated 5V power that is routed to the iOS device.
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The iPrecisionMic USB power cable plugs into the 5V Power Converter, and connects to the power port on the bottom of the microphone. Typical Components These components have been sized for a typical small iOS device. They are all available at Amazon. The size of the solar panel and battery will depend on the amount of sunshine that is expected, and the number of days that you need to run the system between charges. These components will work well in many situations. The 18AH battery will run the system for about 3 days between charging. Use a larger battery to allow more of a safety margin, or if you need to power other devices. The 50W solar panel will recharge the battery in about 3 hours. (Note that the picture above shows a 100W solar panel). This solar calculator will help with sizing the system. Solar Power Charge Controller XCSOURCE® Intelligent 30A PWM Solar Panel Charge Controller 12V24V Battery Regulator LD296 5V Power Converter DROK® High Conversion Efficiency Power Converter Step-down A type Female USB Max 3A/15W Output USB Connector Adapter Car Charger 12V to 5V For iPhone/HTC/Nokia 12V Lead Acid Battery 18Amp-hour lead acid battery. Solar Panel Renogy 50 Watts 12 Volts Mono-crystalline Solar Panel iPrecisionMic USB Power Cable Modify a standard USB cable by connecting red to + (pin) and black to minus (shell) on a standard 1.8mm power plug..