Although it should work fine with our apps, in fact many users have reported serious problems with this device, including audio dropouts, extremely loud white noise blasts, and connection problems.

We have tried to contact Alesis but we have not gotten a response. For now we must put this device on the “incompatible” list.

We have made some changes that will be released in AudioTools 4.1, that help quite a bit in our tests, but it still is problematical. Here are some things that we know:

* The IO Dock has a lot of problems running on iOS 5.0.1, see these links:

* We had to change our sample rate from 48000 Hz to 44100 Hz to avoid having the IO Dock randomly swap left and right input channels. This does give up some resolution and detail, but has made the channel swapping issue go away 90% of the time. We still see it occasionally in Transfer Function, so very that your inputs are correct when using Transfer Function.

* Updating IO Dock to its newest available firmware, 1.07 helped a little with some of the issues.