Now available in 30-pin and Lightning versions.

iTestMic is the professional-grade test and measurement microphone that works with iPhone 4, iPod touch 4, and iPad. It can also be used with the Apple Lightning Adapter with newer iOS devices.


iTestMic plugs directly into the 30-pin or Lightning connector, and is powered from the iOS device. It auto-calibrates, uses very little power, and provides excellent performance.

Upgrade your AudioTools app to accurately test and setup subwoofers, measure much lower noise levels, and measure sound levels up to 120 dB SPL. 

Use iTestMic with our AudioTools Wireless app for remotely sending microphone audio to AudioTools running on another iOS device.

iTestMic 30-pin also supports charging your iOS device, when used with a suitable power supply.

When you plug iTestMic into any iOS device running AudioTools, the factory calibration values are read and applied, giving you an instantly available accurate SPL measurement tool calibrated to +/-0.1 dB, no matter what iOS device you are using.


Small enough to keep in a pocket or backpack, for quick and accurate sound measurements, and always available.

Now Shipping!

Some applications:

  • Home theater setup
  • House of worship sound system setup and maintenance
  • System integration
  • Test SPL for community noise studies
  • Live sound SPL monitoring and system setup