Surround Generator for Apple TV

Studio Six Digital has released a Surround Sound Signal Generator for Apple TV. This app is available from the Apple TV App Store. Just navigate to the the App Store on your Apple TV, and search for “Surround Generator”.

When you have installed this app, you will get a variety of test signals that can be used with our AudioTools app. These can help you check speaker polarity, delay, and EQ to optimize your surround audio experience.

Signals are currently available in Dolby 5.1, Dolby 7.1, and Atmos 9.1.6 (optional) format. Apple TV 4K is required for Atmos signals.

Test signals available now include Pink Noise Full Band, Pink Noise Midband, Impulse Response sweeps, Polarity, Impulse (for ETC), and a sine sweep signal for use with Impulse Response.

Select one single loudspeaker channel, route the signal to all channels, or activate a cycle to move the signal around the room. 

This is a must-have app if you do any surround audio work.


Tests that you can perform in conjunction with AudioTools include:

  • Polarity. Check that speakers are wired correctly.
  • RTA, FFT or Smaart Spectrum. Check overall frequency response and set EQ.
  • ETC. Use the Impulse to check room decay and adjust absorption.
  • Impulse Response. Using the 7-second sweep, run IR on each channel to view frequency response, and the performance of the speaker in the room.

Atmos Support


With the latest 2.0 release, we have added full support for testing Dolby Atmos systems with up to 9.1.6 channels. The same pink full, pink mid-band, polarity, impulse, and 7-second sweep files are available, for each channel, and for all channels at once. Apple TV 4K is required for Atmos signals.

This is the main Atmos screen, where you can select the signal type and channel. Just use the Apple TV Remote to navigate around the screen, select a speaker, and click to start the signal playing. The icon will glow and the name of the selected channel will appear on the screen.

The Atmos signal package is an in-app purchase, available to existing users after updating the app to the latest version, or for new users.

Use the Atmos signal package for:

  • Setting up your Atmos system
  • Verifying that the system was installed properly
  • Checking your speaker assignments
  • Finding out how your processor handles missing speakers or unassigned channels