Color Picker


Use the Color Picker to choose your own colors for the plots in AudioTools.   

In FFT, Smaart Tools, Amplitude Sweep, and Transfer Function, you can recall multiple plot traces and view them at the same time on the screen. We have selected a palette of colors that we think work well, but you may want to change the default colors to your own selections.

All of the modules that display multiple plots use the same color scheme.


Changing Colors

To do this, you will use the Color Picker. Go to the Settings->General page in AudioTools, and look for the "Color Picker" button.

You will see a list of plots, starting with Plot 0. This is the live trace, and the color that you will see most often. 

To change a color, tap the plot number that you wish to change, and use either one of the colors shown in the list, or use one of the other tools to define a color. Now tap Done, and select Save Changes. Your new colors will be in effect.


Creating Colors

You can use the advanced color picker tool to define any color, using the color wheel, Saturation, and Luminance tools.

Note that the Transparency will not be used, as we define our own transparency when we draw the plots.

Use these to define your color, and then tap the Done button.