Using Bluetooth and AirPlay for Output

Starting with AudioTools 10.5, which was released June 20, 2017, if you are running iOS 10.0 (10.3 recommended, as there are fixes to Bluetooth in that release), you can use Bluetooth or AirPlay devices for output, while using the internal iOS device mic, headset connected mics, or Lightning devices such as our iTestMic2 or iAudioInterface2.

To do this, first connect your microphone to AudioTools, if you are using an external mic, and then swipe up to get to the iOS Control Panel. Make sure your BT or AirPlay device is connected to your iOS device, and then select it from the sound panel. You may need to bring up a menu of attached devices.

Back in AudioTools, audio output will be directed to linked device. If you hear stuttering audio, go to the Settings->General->Global audio page in AudioTools, and turn on "Limit Sample Rate to 44.1k", as many BT devices don't handle our default 48k.

To return audio output to the normal path, go back to the sound control panel and select the iOS device output.