iTestMic2 / USB-C

Apple has changed the connector from Lightning to USB-C on most iPads, and are rumored to be changing at least some iPhones to USB-C when the new models are announced in the fall. To support this migration, we are building USB-C equipped versions of all of our hardware products, and also offering conversions to USB-C from Lightning for existing products.

Buying an iTestMic2 / USB-C

In addition to our Lightning iTestMic2, we are also offering a factory-built iTestMic2 with a USB-C cable. This model will work perfectly with all existing Apple USB-C products, and as far as we can tell with any future Apple USB-C equipped device.

When you plug iTestMic2 / USB-C into a Apple USB-C device, you will see the familiar “Accessory Found” message, the calibration will be transferred automatically to the Apple device, and the multi-range feature will be enabled. Also, the 3.5mm audio output jack will function as intended.

Device Charging

The only feature of iTestMic2 that that will not work is device charging, due to USB-C power delivery accessory issues. If you require device charging for long-term use cases, you can use any typical USB-C hub that provides USB-C charging. The iTestMic2 / USB-C will work fine through the hub.

Using the USB-C iTestMic2 with Lightning Devices

If you have a mix of Lightning and USB-C Apple devices, you can use iTestMic2 / USB-C with both. For the USB-C devices, just plug it in directly. For the Lightning devices, the Apple USB-C Camera Connection Kit adapter allows direct use, and some of these adapters also provide charging.

Using the iTestMic2 / USB-C with Mac and Other Systems

iTestMic2 / USB-C works with Macs, and with AudioTools on Macs equipped with an M1 or M2 chip, although only the low range is available, and the calibration must be entered manually. The same is true for other platforms, including Android and Windows devices.


To purchase an iTestMic2 / USB-C, contact your distributor or email us directly to arrange an order. Reference model number SD2017.

Converting an Existing Lightning-Equipped iTestMic2 

It’s not possible to use a Lightning connector iTestMic2 (or any Apple MFi Lightning accessory, other than a charger) with a USB-C Apple product, even with a physical converter. The reason is that Apple chose not to include Lightning MFi Accessory protocol support in the USB-C device operating system. However, we can change out the cable and firmware of a Lightning iTestMic2 with a USB-C cable, and the iTestMic2 will then work perfectly with the USB-C devices, although without the charging feature. 

If you would like to upgrade your iTestMic2, the cost is $75, and includes recalibrating the microphone. Contact us by email to arrange an upgrade. Reference model number SD2017 upgrade.