USB and Dock-Connected Audio Hardware

AudioTools will work with any audio that iOS presents to it. This includes audio from a USB audio device plugged in using the Apple Camera Connection Kit for iPad, or any iOS dock connector audio interface.

Camera Connection Kit

Apple makes an adapter for both 30-pin and Lightning dock connector iPads that allow you to connect some digital audio devices. The main limitation is that the connected USB device cannot take any power from the iPad, so generally you have to power it with an external USB hub. A good list of generally compatible devices is maintained on the Auria website. (Note that we have not yet provided them with one of our interfaces to test). 

In general, AudioTools will take input from any device that works with iOS. 

MFi Devices (Dock-Connected)

Another option is to use an Mfi (Made For iPhone) device. Theses devices have passed Apple testing, connect via USB digital audio using the dock connector, and have the ability to either run from iPad power, or to charge the iPad.

Our iAudioInterface2 is one of these devices, and has been optimized and designed for test & measurement. Other devices will generally work, with these limitations:

  • No support for 5.1 digital audio test signals
  • No support for impedance testing functions
  • No internal loopback for use with Transfer Function
  • Limited support for calibration, since these devices use rotary controls to set gain, which are easily changed
  • Spotty support for sample rate changing, which we do in most of our modules to get the most resolution