In-App Purchase Pricing

AudioTools consists of a base package of tools included in the purchase price:

  • SPL Meter (analog style)
  • RTA
  • FFT
  • Signal Generator
  • Line Level and Frequency
  • Audio Scope
  • Speaker Polarity Tester
  • Delay Finder (basic)
  • Design Tools, including Loudspeaker, Amplifier, Wire, Microphone Tools, and Room Treatment
  • Mic Monitor with Gain
  • Recorder
  • Calculators, including dB, Since Wave, Reactance, Room Modes, Delay, Ohmss Law and Bandwidth
  • Files Utility, save/recall and export to PC, Dropbox, or iCloud
  • Settings
  • Support, including Video Center

Other modules available at extra cost are listed below at current iTunes App Store pricing.

Trial Period for In-App Purchases

Now you can test-drive any of our modules for 7 days for free, and after that time you can choose to buy the option, or leave it locked. There is no obligation for this, it does not require you to cancel before the end of the trial period. Note that we did not implement this for the All-in Option, it is only valid for the individual modules.

New "All-in" Option!

Unlock All AudioTools Modules (except STIPA Pro) $399.99 -- 25% discount

This option is the best value, and represents at least a 25% discount off of the individual module prices. Note that there is no credit for already purchased modules. This (and all in-app purchases) are available on all of your iOS devices that are logged into the same iTunes Store account. Most future modules are also planned to be included in this option, although we reserve the right to exclude a very extensive or special-purpose module.

U.S. iTunes pricing -- prices vary in other countries. Pricing subject to change, check app for latest prices.
Note: In-app purchases are not eligible as part of the Apple Family Sharing program.

If you are having trouble with your in-app purchases, see our link on troubleshooting in-app purchase problems.

App Price

AudioTools $19.99

Module Price

  • RTA -free-
  • FFT -free-
  • ETC $9.99
  • Impulse Response $49.99
  • LARSA $29.99
  • LARSA Filter Design Option $9.99
  • SmaartTools I $59.99
  • Transfer Function $49.99
  • Gated Noise RT60 $35.99
  • Transmission Loss (New module, previously an RTA feature) $44.99
  • Audio Coverage Uniformity (ACU) $44.99
  • Reference Curves $14.99
  • Task Scheduler $19.99
  • SPL Pro $7.99
  • SPL Graph $9.99
  • SPL Graph Octave Logging Option $19.99
  • SPL Graph Video Recording Option $19.99
  • SPL Traffic Light $9.99
  • Dual SPL Traffic Light $19.99
  • Dosimeter Noise Exposure meter $14.99
  • Speaker Distortion $5.99
  • Impedance (meter and sweep) $29.99
  • STIPA Basic $49.99
  • STIPA Pro $199.99
  • VU Meter $.99
  • THD+n $9.99
  • Phase Meter $7.99
  • Amplitude Sweep $14.99
  • Surround Signal Generator, (requires iAudioInterface2 or Apple HDMI adapter) $39.99

AudioTools Wireless (standalone app) $24.99

Remote Generator (standalone Generator app)

Generator  $8.99

iRemote for Smaart 7  $49.99