SPL Modules

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SPL Meter -- The popular analog sound level meter, now with increased range to work with iAudioInterface2 and the internal mic in iOS 5, which can reach over 120 dB SPL. 

Includes A & C weightings, and Fast and Slow modes. Needle ballistics accurately represent the Fast and Slow response of an analog meter.

Filters and ballistics meet ANSI / ISO Type 1 specifications, when used with a suitable microphone.

Included in base AudioTools purchase.


SPL Pro -- Our professional full-featured digital SPL meter. ANSI / ISO Slow, Fast, Impulse, and Peak modes.  Includes peak hold, LEQ with pause/run, octave band filters, and more.

All filters and exponential decay modes meet or exceed ANSI and ISO Type 0 standards. 

Includes reference mode (seat-to-seat), and peak hold, and bright and dark screen options.

Capture the max SPL, or do seat-to-seat comparisons.

Available as an in-app purchase in AudioTools for $7.99.

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SPL Graph -- Plot SPL over time (up to 24 hours) and optionally record the audio. Supports A,C, and octave-band weightings.

Includes remote logging of SPL over 3G or WiFi, Ln measurements, auto-save and restart, playback of audio events in the app.

Available as an in-app purchase in AudioTools for $9.99. Octave and 1/3 Octave Logging module available for $9.99 additional.


SPL Traffic Light -- Set 3 SPL dB levels to trigger the green, yellow, and red lights. Use this to monitor live sound level, or in any situation where you want to watch the sound levels. Use standard Fast or Slow decay, or Leq from 1 minute to 60 minutes. See our new demo video of this module.

Set up to 4 time zones for different trigger levels.

Also integrates with our remote logging system.

Available as an in-app purchase in AudioTools for $7.99.